A bar on Microsoft main campus? What should we call it?

When my colleagues discovered that Seattle bar Spitfire is opening a bar on the main Microsoft campus, a quick game of Name that bar sprung up. (Todd Bishop has his suggestions.)

Here are some names we came up with:

Though I suspect they'll just call it Spitfire.

Sidebar: Although alcohol is available at many company-sponsored social events, there is no pressure to drink an alcoholic beverage, and people don't even notice one way or the other. (Just like nobody notices that you had the vegetarian appetizers and avoided the meat ones.)

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  1. steven says:

    I’m surprised the "space bar" hasn’t been suggested, although maybe that’s just too geeky.

  2. ton says:

    Oh noes now there is the increased chance of a developer being drunk out of his mind trying to write a patch for Vista or Windows 7! All MS developers who are opposed to drunken code should protest and stop this now! :-)

  3. Aaargh! says:

    Did anyone suggest "Foo bar" yet ?

  4. DWalker says:

    Foo Bar is a great name!  Aaargh!

  5. Nish says:

    I guess "Google" wouldn’t be too popular a name for the bar :-)

    On a side note, why would anyone ever want to avoid meat appetizers? And even more shocking, there are people who’d avoid free booze? Good lord! What’s the world coming to?

  6. Keith Patrick says:

    I’d go with a drunken emoticon.

    Or maybe "iPuke"

  7. SRS says:


    And when it’s extended due to popularity, the new bit csn be named IBarEx.

    Or IBar2.

    I’m so funny I could cry.

  8. Erik says:

    Aw, come on! Please suggest "The Progress Bar", someone!

  9. GregM says:


    And when it’s extended due to popularity, the new bit csn be named IBarEx.

    Or IBar2.

    I’m so funny I could cry."

    No no, if you’re going to plan for a future Ex version, you need to make sure that your original version ends in an ‘s’.

  10. John Vert says:

    Microsoft Active Beverage Serving Area 2008, Redmond Edition

  11. Randall says:

    I can’t vote because I’m not a constituent (and I don’t control Spitfire), but The Ballmer Peak would get my vote.

  12. In honor of ComCtl32.DLL

    The REBAR


    The Cool Bar

  13. DaveR says:

    I think they should just call it "Task" or if they want to be trendy, "Tasq".

  14. JustinS says:

    Foo Bar is just plain brilliant.

    If not that, then how about "Microsoft Bob," just because it would be nice to get something useful out of that name for once.

    And, of course, both can causing uncontrollable vomiting.

  15. James says:

    For posh people: The Status Bar

    For everyone else: The Tool Bar

  16. Mark (The other Mark) says:

    I love "The Task Bar".

    You could then emboss all of the Drink Trays with "Drink Notification Area".

  17. TheJones says:

    Language Bar


    OSB (Office Shortcut Bar)

    For the old-school scholars: SCROLLBAR

    Any recommendations on WiFi access? How about IE Explorer Bar? Or if you like Kitsc, IE Search Bar.

    Service-based products are also in vogue:


  18. ted says:

    If you sitting at a local Internet café with your laptop, you might see the message when you begin to look at some web sites:

    “Did you notice the information bar?”

    You’re inclined to answer “Yes, I am sitting at the Information Bar.” So it seems like a no brainer: The Information Bar.

  19. Jonathan says:

    If Management have their say, it’ll probably be "The purpose of this place is to create a source where individuals can learn how to facilitate and leverage their alcohol consumption most effectively".

  20. Garen says:

    They should call it Hello World

  21. ghbyrkit says:

    The Foo Bar?  That was always a meeting place in Dr Dobbs!  Michael Swaine (editor) often had conversations there…  Still, it’s a good name.

  22. The Danish Dynamo says:

    Call it “I’m a GUID” – or Imaguid. I’m sure Imaguid.com is available.

  23. Curt says:

    "The Bug Bar"

    As in, "that doesn’t meet the bug bar." (So, let’s meet at the bug bar.)

  24. Pax says:

    I don’t mind people getting pissed as a newt on beer, but I won’t have a bar of those vegan wanna-be carnivore type. Kill the lot of ’em, I say.

    I didn’t spend 5 million years clawing my way to the top of the food chain so I could eat rabbit food.


  25. Joe says:

    Publisher <> Pub lash

    This may take some explaining for the non english, as Pub is a another name for a bar (Public House) and when you go out drinking you go out on the lash.

    Saying that Foo Bar has to be the winner.

  26. The next microsoft naming scheme will be "spitfire" says:

    Microsoft Alcohol Live .net*

    At least that’s what the marketing department should be forced to call it.

    Maybe they’ll come up with a better naming/branding whatever it is supposed to be scheme while they are there

    *Not actually a .net bar

  27. Dan Lewis says:

    Foo Bar is a good one!   Personally, I would call it: Toolbar  (no space)

  28. Cheong says:

    My sugguestion would be, in favor of recursive initialism, just call it BAR, as of "Bar At Redmond" or anything you like. :P

  29. Drak says:

    I’d go for Foo Bar

    or Bar 2009 (unless it will be completed in 2009, then Bar 2010)

  30. ggreig says:

    Slightly serious suggestion: how about the R.J. Mitchell bar?


  31. MC says:

    Leave foo for the Unix folks…

    Call it "The Gu Bar"… or simply "BSOD" for the nostalgic.

    Only Microsofties will get it.

  32. Jay Arnold says:

    It should be the "Quality Bar".  In the back could be a room for special functions called "The War Room".

    Happy Hour would have drinks starting at a certain price, but over time the price should drop as the quality bar goes down.

  33. Most of the suggestions here would be neat. Personally, I think my favorite choices are: The Task Bar (Mark (The other Mark)), The Status Bar (James), Toolbar (Dan Lewis), and Microsoft Active Beverage Serving Area 2008, Redmond Edition (John Vert).

    @Erik: I came here with the intention of suggesting "The Progress Bar", though I think that’s been done; I swear I’ve seen a picture of it someplace…

  34. pete says:

    Why name it at all? Just paint it blue and put a closed sign on it in white lettering…

  35. Hans says:

    I would like to see the Off by One Bar.

    Let’s take another drink, we are off by one ;-)

  36. kokomo says:

    Foo Bar is awesome.

    Maybe it should be called "ribbon". The word "bar" is so windows 95.

  37. mbghtri says:

    How about Gnu Spitfire Bar, or even Free as in Speech Bar. Foo Bar is unforgettable, though.

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