Adventures in product testing: This phone’s so hot, it’ll set your head on fire

Actually, this is pretty cool. A phone that sets your head on fire. Most people charge extra for that.

These lithium-ion polymer batteries can overheat due to an internal short circuit in the batteries, which can pose a fire hazard. The battery has only been used in the GN9120 wireless headset.

Go ahead, make up your own joke.

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  1. John says:

    I know a few people in tech support who would probably prefer to have their heads on fire rather than talk to users.

  2. robo says:

    Machines are preparing to take over the world. This is just the first generation of suicide attacks by "our" hardware – a test wave if you will.

  3. Matt T. says:

    This model is sitting on my desk. Not cool.

  4. Miral says:

    Nitpicker’s Corner: of all the wireless headset products made by Jabra, only the GN9120 uses that battery.  This does not imply anything about products made by other people.

    (Just to try and preempt the moaning.  Not that this ever works.)

  5. nobodyman says:

    There are far too many glass-half-empty people not seeing this for the opportunity that it is. All they need now is a bit of control over *when* it catches on fire.   Once they got that licked, all they gotta do is market this as a theft deterrent.

    "Somebody steal your Jabra(tm)?  Nuke ‘Em!!"

  6. Aaron G says:

    Apparently their stock has been cooling off since the announcement.

  7. -dan says:

    It’s always a few hotheads that ruin it for everybody else

  8. mbghtri says:

    Hear someone talking during the movie, but not sure who it is?

    Light ’em up!

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