Now it’s like people buy sneakers to make money out of them

Where there are sneaker addicts you will have sneaker speculators. And not all the sneakerheads appreciate it.

Such trading bothers purists like Raymond Chen, 26.

"People used to buy sneakers because they love them," Chen said. "Now it's like people buy sneakers to make money out of them."

Chen, an engineer from Shoreline, owns about 120 pairs of sneakers and spends about $100 a month on his hobby. If there are a number of shoes releasing within the same month, he spends more.

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  1. John says:

    I always had a hunch Raymond was a woman.

  2. nathan_works says:

    I wonder when the next election in the Philippines is.. Imelda Marcos would be a tough act to follow.

    That being said, the same "shouldn’t buy if you aren’t going to use," mindset/objection applies to many, many, many other things that have a heavier hand on your life.. Folks looking to flip houses, speculators in the futures (commodities) markets, etc.

  3. Steveshe says:

    Wow! Raymond in only 26 and we worked on producats dating as far back as Windows 3.1 and Windows 95? Raymond were you < 14 years old when you started working on Windows 95?

  4. Steveshe says:

    [Trying again with editing]

    Wow! Raymond is only 26 and he worked on products dating as far back as Windows 3.1 and Windows 95? Raymond were you < 14 years old when you started working on Windows 95?

  5. ton says:

    I never would’ve guessed that Raymond is a sneaker addict! Plus like Steveshe I’m a little confused about the age quoted in the news article, it would make Raymond about 27 years old today, far too young to work on windows 3.1. I thought Raymond was about 45ish…dunno.

  6. James Kilner says:

    Perhaps the Raymond Chen in the article isn’t the Raymond Chen who writes this blog. I’m pretty sure (although not 100% certain), that Raymond has not got a monopoly on his name. Perhaps the real Raymond Chen can take a step forward?

  7. Chuck says:

    Don’t be silly!  There’s only one Raymond Chen!  

    Raymond is good enough to be in all places at the same time!

    Raymond can get away with wearing sneakers with suits!

    Raymond could go back in time and fix problems we didn’t know about then, but he doesn’t need to!

    Raymond can diagnose your problems before you tell him what they are!

  8. Rob says:

    It’s the same person.  Washington state just has very lax child labor laws.

  9. 365blog says:

    Bummer, busted my bubble. Would have been a scream but we can still use this against Raymond right?  ;o)

  10. Jeff says:

    That’s how I felt when coin collecting "went commercial".

  11. DWalker says:

    Besides being in multiple places at once, Raymond also has multiple ages.  He’s in a quantum state.

  12. ArC says:

    You laugh now, but wait till operating systems fall victim to the speculators market…

  13. Erisian23 says:

    Raymond, this other fellow is obviously ruining your good name.

    *pulls up a chair*

    Now how does this make you feel?

  14. Will Dieterich says:

    Poor article, no pictures of the collection.

    <snide comment>

    You would figure after that first Seinfeld commercial no one from Microsoft would want to mention shoes, or churros.

    </snide comment>

  15. Dave says:

    Argh, it’s "Jennifer Government" come to life!

  16. Mark says:

    Doh! I’ve just realised, that’s how he saved the cheerleader.

    Chuck (if that is your name):

    Raymond only types with 7 keys: Alt and the bottom half of the number pad.

    Raymond could rid the world of all known evils, but won’t because of backward compatibility.

    Raymond can knit all the opening sequences to the Simpsons.  Including the live action one.

  17. Mark says:

    So Raymond’s been lying to us: he *can* go back in time.

  18. Laugh if you must, but my speculative sneaker collection didn’t lose half its value in the last 3 months.

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