Steamy coffee leaves grounds for concern

I'm embarrassed for the bad pun,¹ but the subject is serious. Two stories appeared in the two major local newspapers on the same day.

Sure, it may have been a coincidence, but I considered it a cautionary tale.


Baristas resign en masse

when the coffee stand owner decides to adopt a provocative dress code.

Over a year later, NPR picks up the story.


¹I'm not embarrassed for making a pun, just that it's a bad pun. (Some people would argue that there's no such thing as a good pun.)

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  1. dave says:

    "Some people would argue that there’s no such thing as a good pun."

    It’s all in how you look at it.  "Bad puns" and "Puns too weak to be good" use different meanings of "bad", but between the two of them they include all puns.

  2. Adrian says:

    “scantily-glad baristas”

    I don’t understand.  How would barely happy coffee preparers lure customers? ;-)

    I enjoyed the typo as much as the pun!

    [Heh. Just for that, I’m leaving the typo in! -Raymond]
  3. Keith B says:

    My favorite part about the articles is the City Manager saying "We’ve heard of issues and we’ve had undercover investigations, police surveillance, and it resulted in nothing".

    I’m sure it didn’t take much work to get the police to run operations there :)

  4. Leonardo Herrera says:

    Down here in Chile, the "coffe shops with legs" as we call them have existed by decades now. They are the obligatory stop after lunch hour for workers in downtown Santiago (of course, you can have only so many expressos in one day; most of the "habitués" drink tea or juice.)

  5. Asztal says:

    Just one step along the way to Idiocracy :)

  6. Oh boy.  Back in 1993 or so, here in Sarasota, Florida not to far from Siesta Key we had a drive through drink station of sorts where scantily clad ladies would fulfill drink orders (alcoholic and otherwise…hoe that was possible I’m still not sure).  It was directly off a very busy intersection and consequently caused a lot of accidents because male drivers were not paying attention to the road.  Out of curiosity I drove through that kiosk once for a Dr. Pepper.  Needless to say up close these women were nothing to really gawk over.  What we perceive at a distance is rarely what we get up close.  Eventually the city had this place closed down due to the accident factor.

  7. Chris Capel says:

    How come StartRunwordpad runs Wordpad but typing wordpad on a commandline won't? Is the Run dialog hard-wired to look in the right path for wordpad, or is it using a completely different mechanism for resolving commands? I know it must be doing *something* different, since typing a path will open that path, where on the command line you actually have to invoke "explorer \mypath".

    I imagine there's a good chance you've posted about this, but google is useless on the subject, turning up mainly annoying tutorials and "webcasts".

  8. s/coffee/tea/ and the pun stands, somewhat modified…

  9. Matt says:

    Yes.  Nobody cares if your pun was intended:

  10. Memsom says:

    The name "barista" gives me a funny mental picture:

  11. Name required says:

    @Memsom – exactly my thoughts. For some reason I couldn’t help but also think of Monty Python.

    As for "scantily glad", well, I have to say, I never even saw the typo until reading the related comment.

  12. Chevy Chase says:

    Wouldn’t they feel really cold here in the NW? Brrrrr.

    Reminds me of that sushi place where people would eat off naked women wrapped in plastic.

    Both sound a bit like being sexist places (in the sense that guys probably couldn’t work there with equal opportunity and the other one too).

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