I’ll see (some of) you in Los Angeles, but this time it’ll be October

(It was September last time.)

I've been asked to step in as a replacement speaker for the 2008 PDC. The details of the talk are not yet publically available, but what I can say is that the topic will be in the category of Win32 programming.

Disclaimers: Information was believed to be accurate at press time. Speakers subject to change. Talk may be changed or cancelled for reasons outside my control, or possibly even reasons within my control. This posting is provided as is with no warranties, and confers no rights. Not recommended for children. Some settling may occur during shipping. If symptoms persist, see a doctor.

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  1. ethermal says:

    I love it when the disclaimer is longer then the actual post text.

  2. nathan_works says:

    Not recommended for children but is it suitable for children ? What about for pregnant women ? ;)

  3. Dan says:

    Do not taunt Happy Fun Raymond

  4. Marcel says:

    "Some settling may occur during shipping." Muaaaah, thank you very much for the laugh :-)

  5. Neil (SM) says:

    Does that price include tax, tag, or dealer fees?

  6. Mike Dunn says:

    No word yet on whether Scoble will be there to make a bootleg video of Raymond’s talk.

  7. someone says:

    when I read speaker I thought replacement speaker are always useful, so I have a heap of them in the cellar taken from some old computer.

  8. Marc says:

    Looking forward to more "withered hand" photos.

  9. xix says:

    Happy Fun Raymond may stick to certain types of skin

  10. James says:

    @someone: Yep, I’m just wondering what size of jack they’ll be fitting to Raymond to wire him into the audio system, and whether he’s bass, tweeter or full-range…

    The settling during shipping could be interesting: Raymond will be several inches shorter on arrival in LA? (Having spent eight hours on a plane last week, that feels like a distinct possibility.)

    I’m sure it’ll be a good and useful talk, anyway; I won’t make it to LA, but I do hope we’ll get the content one way or another.

  11. Steve D says:

    I suppose it’s a given that listeners’ mileage may vary… :-)

  12. Miral says:

    @James: A microphone jack, of course. :)

  13. The September update to the PDC schedule is available with 50 new sessions being published. My session

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