It helps if you write a cover letter and remember the name of your interviewer

It's not a big thing, but it shows that you have your act together and does a lot towards distinguishing you from everybody else. A story of the importance of writing a cover letter and remembering the name of your interviewer.

(Then again, what do I know. JobsBlog probably is a better source for this type of info. Earlier this year, Angela McLaughlin shared her thoughts on cover letters.)

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  1. JD says:

    The cover letter is meh… the name is much, much more important.Recruiting events are all about face time with recruiters.

    Being a woman in tech doesn’t give you many advantages, but getting singled out for 5 minutes attention by a recruiter? That was way way more important.

    And remembering the geek’s name who talked to you? That’s good for a callback despite any cover letter. I’m not begrudging, I’m glad she got a chance. Microsoft is not exactly the bastion of women.  

  2. I’ve never really paid much attention to a cover letter – others might.  I guess it’s a way to demonstrate passion for a particular position.  

    The big mistake that I’ve seen some good people make is trying to solve problems like they would normally – a lot of people get stuck.  With half a brain devoted to stress, people need to take smaller steps than they would normally.

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