The best building name on the University of Washington campus

The best building name on the University of Washington campus is Sieg Hall, for many years home to the computer science department, and named after former university president Lee Paul Sieg.

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  1. PSmith says:

    Did the building have an aptly named rally cheer to show pride in its restoration?

  2. nathan_works says:

    Wow. Did the building have the appropriate art-deco style Native-American or Indian symbol design built into the floor tiles ? It’s supposed to mean wealth or good luck (wiki) in Indian/Nepalese cultures..

  3. IMil says:

    I guess it’s built on top of the abandoned Campf Mine.

  4. Name says:

    "[B]est building name"? I guess Nazi jokes never get old.

  5. Patrick says:

    Heh. I’ve had three different classes in that building. The best thing about seig is its distinct smell. And the fact that Nazi jokes never get old.

    Also, last quarter Mark Zbikowski and Gary Kimura taught Operating Systems in seig. They never complained about it surprisingly.

  6. niteice says:

    The athletic complex at my school is named the "Reich Family Pavilion".

    No, really, it is. I can’t find a picture but someone that follows NCAA basketball might know.

  7. PSmith says:

    Let me guess… this is what the desks look like:

  8. mkprilliman says:

    LOL – Almost as good as "The Alfred G. Packer Memorial Grill" at the University of Colorado.

    "Have a friend for lunch!"

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