Crazy ideas at the lunch table: The ice cream bicycle

At the lunch table some time ago, we considered the possibility of riding the STP atop a classic ice cream bicycle. You could play the music and cruise down the road, selling ice cream sandwiches out of your trunk.

Naturally, you'd start really early in the day, because you can't go very fast on that bicycle, and besides, nobody is going to want ice cream early in the morning, so you may as well get a head start on them. Ideally, they would catch up to you around mid-afternoon, during the hot part of the day when they're looking for a break.

No idea how practical this is, it was just a crazy idea.

(Apparently we're not the first people to come up with this crazy idea.)

The STP takes place this weekend. I wish all the riders a safe and enjoyable journey.

Bonus shout-out: Among those riders is one of my lunchmates. Read his story here.

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  1. yadda yadda yadda says:

    "selling ice cream sandwiches out of your trunk"

    Ok, so now we’ve got this elephant, riding a bicycle made out of ice cream, selling ice cream out of his trunk…

    No. Wait. That was just a halluciniogenic flashback.

  2. Leo Davidson says:

    That’s how I read "ice cream bicycle" as well. "What madness is this, it’d melt," I thought, before reading further.

  3. Jeff Howe says:

    Not strictly the same thing as your ice cream bicycle, but a couple of years back, my cycling friend had an idea for an ice cream themed bike century — 100 miles on bike while eating ice cream along the way. We survived it.

    The sad story:


  4. Joe says:

    This needs a custom bike. Tandem, with the second rider facing backwards, towards the cooler, able to hand out ice cream in flight to hungry riders.

  5. Joe’s right. If you have to stop to sell the ice cream, you’ll likely end up last.

    On the other hand, unless they have a third arm or are extremely talented, I can’t see any other riders being able to eat their ice cream on the wing…

  6. Triangle says:

    That is why, contrary to what your parents might have told you, it is an essential skill to be able to ride a bike without using your hands.

  7. Nawak says:

    And if you prefer running in disguise, you may want to try the Marathon du Médoc, and taste many wines along the way :)

    I thought there was a bike version but couldn’t find any reference…

  8. Keith Moore says:

    This would be a huge hit at the annual Hottest Day of the Year Ride in Portland. They have ice cream available at the finish line, but who could resist even more ice cream enroute?

    For the annual Worst Day of the Year Ride in February, maybe you could hand out coffee instead…

  9. Steve D says:

    This also needs to be extended to the ‘bay in a day’ ride in Melbourne!  Any takers? :-)

  10. yadda yadda yadda says:

    unless they have a third arm

    Elephants don’t have arms.

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