News flash: Car salesmen are sneaky and underhanded

Steve Tripoli looks at deception in the car sales industry.

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  1. Dog says:

    News flash: Salesmen are sneaky and underhanded

  2. Will says:

    Salesmen are crooks.  So are politicians… and most lawyers…and all crooks.

  3. J says:

    I know someone who regularly gets suckered by salespeople and it drives me nuts.  He’ll tell me how proud he was that the salesperson had to go ask the manager to get such a "good" price.  Or how he didn’t have to pay $50 on a support visit simply by paying $100 for a support contract.  Or how the salesperson extended an "expired" offer just for him.  The worst was biting my tongue during the "I bought a timeshare!" discussion.

  4. Clever Human says:

    Yeah, but that was over a year ago. …They are much better now.

  5. D says:

    Someone once told me a salesman is nothing but a liar with a nice tie. Sometimes they don’t even wear ties.

  6. Igor Levicki says:

    I wonder why Senate, Banking and Trade Federation members in Star Wars are portrayed as ugly greedy bastards?

    Perhaps George Lucas was actually trying to tell us something?

  7. a says:

    How did you happen to come across this random piece from over a year and a half ago?  Is the suggestion box that backed up? :)

  8. Rune Moberg says:

    All this talk about sneaky and underhanded behaviour kind of reminds me about the parking ticket I was handed yesterday.

    I parked at the office, go inside, plug in my computer, go outside with the parking permit and there’s a guy taking pictures of my car.

    I wave my permit with a big smile, and then I notice that the bastard has already issued me with a ticket.

    My colleague says I was gone for, at most, two minutes. Windows’ event viewer says my machine booted at 9:27. (I pressed the power button as I left my computer and my computer’s clock runs about three minutes too fast)

    Parking ticket says I was parked at that spot from 9:06 to 9:23. At 9:06 I had barely left my own apartment…! The guy had parked his car in front of my car. He obviously hadn’t bothered checking the other cars, but only those parked with the windshield visible from the road. (that way he didn’t have to get out of his car and walk around)

    I have already written a lengthy complaint and I’ll post it today. I won’t rest until that guy’s life is in total ruins and all his children are sold off as slave laborers.

  9. @Rune,

    I was once ticketed at university for "parking on the grass".  I had actually parked at the back of a parking lot on a section of gravel.  I’m guessing that if they want grass there, they should try removing the gravel first (they, of course, never did).  University poles at their finest.

    And the car dealer stuff is spot on… they didn’t even hit the worst stuff.

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