Behind the Scenes at Mythbusters does not include experiments or explosions

Mythbusters is going on the road. Well, the show isn't actually going on the road. Just the two hosts. In Behind the Scenes at Mythbusters, they go on stage to tell stories about the myth busting process, but they won't conduct any actual experiments or blow anything up. (And therefore the reason for going to the show is what, exactly?)

Oops, the Portland people forgot to edit the ad copy. It still says "A hilarious evening with Jamie Heyneman and Adam Savage" even though the show is in the afternoon.

Tickets for the Seattle and Portland shows go on sale today. (Fans in San Diego will have to wait until September.)

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  1. Nathan_works says:

    It is/was a neat show, but the action level dropped severely and the interpersonal drama level rose too much. They then jumped the shark by adding "the young guard" kids.

  2. drip says:

    I bet Jamie and Adam have some interesting stories.

    The kids are to pull in the young demographic. I think they enhance the show (especially Kari Byron).

  3. Billy says:

    Sure, they jumped the shark by adding the build team — who have been there for the last 90 of 115 episodes.  

    Sorry forgot my <sarcasm> tag…

  4. Pim says:

    Anyone know if their traveling show is any good?  Reviews, etc?  $45 is a lot…

  5. Patrick says:

    I went to the show in Columbus, OH a couple of years back. It was worth the money, they had a lot of inside information about the show and they ran a few “uncensored” Mythbusters clips. If you’re a big fan of the show then its great.

    The down-side was the Q&A part where for every good audience question you got three losers trying to ask Jamie and Adam for a job (“I don’t have any skills, but I’ll do anything to work on the show..”). Although it was funny watching Jamie and Adam nicely refuse.

  6. bdoserror says:

    Maybe the Portland copy wasn’t a mistake.  Maybe it’s a way to weasel out if the show doesn’t live up to expectations: "We said it was a hilarious evening, nothing about afternoons".

  7. Grant says:

    Cool.  There was an internet rumor that they weren’t on speaking terms and Adam was going to leave Mythbusters for Smash Lab.  After I saw this I went back to wikipedia, and sure enough all references to the feud are gone.

  8. chrismcb says:

    They may have jumped the shark literally, but definitely not figurativly.

  9. DriverDude says:

    "It is/was a neat show, but the action level dropped severely and the interpersonal drama level rose too much."

    That’s the difference between geeks and the rest of TV land. We want to see things work or blow up; others want sexual tension.

    That’s why I gave up watching Monster Garage. Great ideas, not enough technicalities.

  10. brendan grant_1 says:

    I guess I’d rather have this as a web cast or DVD if we wouldn’t get to see them blow anything up.

  11. Merus says:

    The build team would probably be a lot more interesting if they weren’t given boring myths to work with. I guess it’s nice that they tackle the less spectacular urban legends, but still.

    I do appreciate that they’ve worked in more science content into the show, with a little warning label notifying you that there is science content.

  12. Aaargh! says:

    What annoys me about the TV show is that they quite often spend a whole episode busting a myth that anyone with high-school physics, a calculator and a piece of paper can ‘bust’ or confirm in 2 minutes. Sometimes they myths are so obvious they don’t need calculation at all.

    The more obscure myths are cool though.

  13. osexpert says:

    Aaargh: If people was that smart it wouldn’t have been a myth in the first place and Mythbusters are probably smart enough to know a myth is gibberish. But that the whole point of the show: some people refuse to believe anything unless you prove itshow it (i know some of those my self), so its really necessary (though I fear the most stupid refuse to believe even after Mythbusters).

  14. steveg says:

    > They then jumped the shark by adding "the young guard" kids.

    "The Kids?" Kari’s 33 and Tory and Grant are 37. In fact (according to Wikipedia RMV*) Adam is only 3 years older than Tory. Jamie at 51, is 11 years older than Adam.

    Did you notice the episodes where Adam talked *really* stupendously fast. Quite reminiscent of someone on some sort of powdered substance. He seems to have reverted to his usual self the last season or two.

    * Reality May Vary

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