News flash: It’s dangerous to drive a car if you are blind

The BBC reminds us that if you have no eyes, it's dangerous for you to drive a car.

Follow-up: The man was given a suspended jail sentence and—I am not making this up—has been banned from driving for three years.

Three years?

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  1. John says:

    It could be worse; he could have been out hunting.

  2. Nathan_works says:

    Unless you are Al Pacino with Chris O’Donnell as your co-pilot/navigator.

  3. mikeb says:

    I want to know what the T-shirt said.

  4. anonymous says:

    Here in Germany it’s simply forbidden. You won’t get any driver license when being blind.

  5. reader says:

    I’m guessing what the 3-year ban means is just that he’s not eligible to apply for a drivers license during the ban period even if he miraculously regains his vision.  Kinda stupid but I guess it must be what the law there requires, in the same way that it apparently requires the "extended driving test".

  6. Xepol says:

    You missed the best part where he was ordered "ordered to take an extended driving test".

    And he "denied dangerous driving" (insert obligatory "Gee, your honor, I didn’t see anything wrong with my driving" comment here).  Makes you wonder what his definition of dangerous driving actually is.

  7. Steve Loughran says:

    he was also driving a car without an MOT (annual safety and pollution test) and insurance…so the fact that he isnt allowed to apply for a test is the kind of detail that wont really stop him. The scary thing -he was so obviously inept the police noticed him. its all the others out there that I worry about.

  8. Steve Loughran says:

    I should add that in the UK, its still a big issue what does constitute "dangerous driving". Until a few years back the crime was "reckless driving" -it was actually quite hard to prove "recklessness" as you had to show that judgement was at fault and that they made "reckless" decisions. Dangerous driving was meant to be easier to assess, but its possible to challenge in court what is dangerous. For example, french and italian "optimistic commit" overtake algorithms are clearly dangerous, IMO, but seem legit in the alps.

  9. Zathrus says:

    Here’s more info, including the t-shirt that was offensive:,-says-blind-driver.html


    Another story in the telegraph mentions that the police watched him and his passenger navigate two roundabouts (aka traffic circles) and a corner prior to crossing the line and being stopped. Of course, if they were watching him that long, then it’s probably fair to say he didn’t make a very good job of navigating the roundabouts.

    Oh, and the passenger had apparently been banned from driving as well!

  10. Dean Harding says:

    "Oh, and the passenger had apparently been banned from driving as well!"

    Yeah, I can see how it happened. They wanted to go to the pub or something, but the friend isn’t allowed to drive. The blind guy says, "well, before I lost my eyes, I was a pretty good driver… WHOOO-AH!"

  11. Cooney says:

    My great grandfather was blind, and he drove anyway. Life’s fun that way.

  12. Morten says:

    Obnoxious, yer honor! That’s discrimination, that is! Equal rights for the blind!

    As an aside, an architect was recently fired here in Denmark when his sight grew so bad that he couldn’t see the building he was standing in front of. He has sued the employer for damages citing anti-discrimination laws…

  13. PinkDuck says:

    There was recently a disqualified driver who received a number of months’ jail time only after he was caught for the 51st time in an uninsured, untaxed, no-MOT car. However another repeat disqualified driver offender that killed someone between the 9th and 10th ban received a considerable jail term. Another man drove to his court hearing having already been banned from driving. This sort of persistent offender is a regular on television series of the ‘Traffic Cops’ style, and it’s depressing to see petty fines and poor drivers being released after the usual arrest and trip to the police station. On the positive side at least uninsured vehicles can be seized and held until insured and payment made to reclaim them.

  14. Pax says:

    Quoth the Cooney: "My great grandfather was blind, and he drove anyway. Life’s fun that way."

    I’d like to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather, not screaming in panic like his passengers.

    Boom, boom.

  15. anonymous says:

    Equal rights are a good thing, but letting a blind person drive a car on a public street heavily endangers other people.

  16. GreaseMonkey says:

    Reminds me of something from an article in a MAD magazine: "Owners’ manual in braille."

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