Book me the next flight to Tokyo, no wait, the second flight

I know someone who has a brother who works in Taipei, Taiwan. He travels to Japan often on business, and one day he needed to fly to Tokyo on short notice. He instructed his assistant to book the next flight from Taipei to Tokyo.

This is what he got. (Warning: Contains strange music.)

That's right. His assistant booked him on Hello Kitty Air, initially a daily flight from Taipei to Fukuoka, but soon extended to a second run to Tokyo. Everything on this plane is Hello Kitty. The paint scheme, the flight attendants, the boarding passes, the luggage tags, the chopsticks, the sugar packets, the in-flight meals, even the barf bags. I'm told that most people who take this flight are women who are way too into this Hello Kitty thing.

Anyway, he learned his lesson. Now when he has an urgent meeting in Tokyo, he tells his assistant, "Book me the next flight to Tokyo, but not the Hello Kitty one."

This story made me wonder what a "guy version" of the Hello Kitty plane would be. When I brought it up with my colleagues, we quickly agreed that it would be a Star Wars-themed airplane. But what would be the in-flight movie? (And which Leia will the female flight attendants be dressed as?)

Sidebar: There's also a Hello Kitty MMORPG. (Warning: Contains annoyingly cute music.)

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  1. HA HA HA says:

    I saw a Pokemon-themed 747 (perhaps this very one?) at (IIRC) Haneda a few years ago:

  2. Scott Robins says:

    Arrogant Bastard Ale ( is a ale with an attitude.  At their website, they have a ‘license’ you must agree to before they will let you in (One thing you have to agree to: "I am not a fizzy yellow beer drinking ninny here under false pretenses.").  The link with which you decline the license takes you to the hello kitty web site.

  3. … so he’d rather be late for a meeting than travel Hello Kitty air?

    [You’d be a terrible administrative assistant. “… unless that’s my only choice (I can’t believe I had to tell you that).” -Raymond]
  4. Mike says:

    "And which Leia will the female flight attendants be dressed as?"

    That’s not actually a serious question, right???

  5. Jim says:

    I guess nowadays it’s all about niche market. There is a Germany Airline opened a nude flight route to a nude resort beach located on the coast. You can be naked during the flight. This might be close to guy’s version of the Kitty?

  6. ls says:

    Guy’s version would be a plane full of strippers.

  7. mikeb says:

    "And which Leia will the female flight attendants be dressed as?"

    Any of them – except the bald one with the soul patch.

  8. Merit says:

    I took that flight once from Tokyo to Taipei, it was an interesting experience.  To make matters worse I had just flown from the east coast of the US to Tokyo so I was pretty groggy.    Even the food is Hello Kitty themed, I particularly remember a little Hello Kitty shaped snack cake.

    On the plus side, EVA Air is pretty nice and the in-flight entertainment system is one of the best ones I’ve seen.

  9. MS says:

    The best thing with the Hello Kitty MMO is what various WoW fansites did on April 1st.  A lot of WoW fanboys got very upset when WoW Insider becaome HKO Insider…

  10. N.Velope says:

      How about the airline in The Fifth Element?

  11. Sir Derlin says:

    I suppose it could be coming.  They’re already trying to target young men.

  12. Trevor Masters says:

    I think this is the guys equivalent:

  13. ArC says:

    I would totally fly on a Gundam-themed airline.

  14. pete says:

    Clearly the guy’s equivalent would be Bad Badtz-Maru Air. Oh, wait, maybe that would be the equivalent just for me. I’m easily confused.

  15. Harisenbon says:

    I completely second the Gundam-themed airline. Bonus points if the cockpit is redesigned to look like a Zaku helmet, and the pilots dress as Char.

  16. Cheong says:

    Third for Gundam themed airline. My bonus point would be given for the sents  ben designed as the seat in Gundam’s cockpit… :P

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