In search of: Rossio Train Station

While wandering around the central Lisbon area, I remember walking past an ornate building that had people streaming out of it. As I neared the entrance, I realized, "Oh, it's the train station."

And then some days later, I wanted to catch the train to Sintra, but forgot exactly where the Rossio Train Station was. "It's at the south end of this square, or was it that square? I remember it was on the right hand side as you head south..."

The guide book said that it was right off of Rossio Square, but it's a big square, and, truth be told, I had all my squares confused for a long time. I mistook the neighboring Praça da Figueira for Rossio Square because the first time I got off the Metro at the Rossio stop, I emerged in that square. From then on, I was disoriented without even realizing it.

I popped into a clothing store on (the real) Rossio Square and asked the young woman working there if she could tell me where the train station was. My Portuguese is of course effectively nonexistent (save for the social niceties like Olá and Obrigado), but the guide book did have a picture of the train station. It didn't help. She didn't know where the train station was.

Turns out the train station was just a few steps away. So much for asking the locals how to get around.

The Rossio Train Station is off the northwest corner of the square, on the tiny street connecting Rossio to Restauradores. In fact, the closest Metro stop to the Rossio Train Station is not Rossio; it's Restauradores.

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  1. rlfh says:

    Hello, Raymond.

    I’ve been following with interest your posts regarding your visit to my hometown.

    I hope you enjoyed your trip to Sintra, truly a wonderful place. About the Rossio train station, it is also particular for its 100-year-old tunnel, linking the railway to the city center. It’s a great work of engineering for something that old.

    • Ricardo
  2. Luis says:


    Maybe the locals don’t know it because it was closed for years  and just recently opened for public usage? :)

    Personally i live in Lisbon for 3 years and never went tho the Rossio train station… :|

  3. Xepol says:

    You need to play more Doom!  Once you get used to staggering around computer mazes that all seem to look alike, you start to get a nack for navigating.

  4. Sven Groot says:

    Heh, I recently got lost quite foolishly. I needed to be somewhere quite close to Shimo-Kitazawa (Tokyo), a neighbourhood I’m reasonably familiar with but this was in an area I didn’t often visit.

    My instructions were quite simple: from the station’s exit, right at the railroad crossing, left at the Lawson (convenience store), second right etc.

    Unfortunately, I used the wrong exit, turned right at the railroad crossing on the wrong railroad track (Shimo-Kitazawa is where the Keio Inokashira line and the Odakyu line), and unfortunately there was also a Lawson in that street so I ended up going in completely the wrong direction.

    Via a long detour, I ended up at Shin-Daita, a station on the Inokashira line to the west of Shimo-Kitazawa (and I needed to be on the south-east side!) so I decided to take a train back to Shimo-Kitazawa and try again… I didn’t really realize how this could’ve happened until I checked Google maps. :S

  5. poochner says:

    Indeed.  IRL, I’m always getting lost, even in "non-losable" situations like driving home from work.  Doom helped quite a bit.  Probably that part of the brain that registers ordering of locations, which seems to be my main problem.

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