Buses and trams going to this place called Reservado

One thing I noticed in Lisbon is that I will occasionally see a bus or tram whose destination sign says Reservado. I couldn't find a place called Reservado anywhere in my guide book. It must be new.

Hi, everybody. I'm back from vacation, and it's taken me a while to catch up on all that happened while I was away. In addition to deleting all the trackbacks from scraper blogs, I deleted two comments that could get me fired, but I left most of the off-topic discussion because it didn't appear to get too out of control. I even let stand Yuhong Bao's multiple violations of the anti-spam policy (posting multiple comments to the same article in rapid succession). I removed the discussion of managed shell extensions since it had absolutely nothing to do with dragging a virtual file. (And because most of it was wrong anyway.)

I did not delete Igor Levicki's comments, even though he accuses me of doing it. The software that runs this Web site has a set of heuristics (the details of which I am not familiar with since I don't actually run the Web site) which auto-rejects comments which, in the opinion of the heuristics, are spam or offensive. For example, mvadu's attempts to post a comment was repeatedly rejected by the filter, but he eventually figured out what the filter was objecting to and came up with something that kept the filter happy.

Similarly, Igor Levicki's complaint that I ignored his first comment has a very simple non-malicious explanation: I didn't respond because I was on vacation. (If you don't respond to something you never saw, does that count as ignoring it?) But of course, he made this remark in full knowledge that it was completely unfair, because he posted a comment on the very entry that announced that I would be away and that the Web site would be running on autopilot.

And Igor and gb, I'm sorry you found the drag and drop series boring. If you go back through the archives, you'll see that the first major topic of discussion when I started this Web site was a twelve-part series on scroll bars. How much more boring can you get than scroll bars!

I wrote the drag and drop series because many customers came to us with problems that were the result of failing to understand how to drag virtual content. The only thing they knew how to do was drag files around, and they were trying to use files as proxies for virtual content. If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Many of these programming series are written for selfish reasons: So that I have to explain something only one more time.

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  1. Nathan_works says:

    Did you delete the one concerning the phone call about your plans to blow up buildings, mug old ladies and kick Bill Gates’ dog ?

    That was funny, and if HR found that actionable, they should be humorless engineers instead of HR. Don’t they have people skills ?

  2. Tom says:

    So, if you’re only explaining it one more time, is it the third time?  :)

  3. Tom says:

    Since I can’t edit my previous post, I’ll just have to make a new one.

    Raymond: Do you find that writing these things out actually helps?  In my experience, you can write as much you can want, but you can’t make people to read.  I can’t tell you how many people have told me they plain hate reading, a position I cannot understand at all.

    [Note: Not everybody hates reading.  There are those who are interested in the knowledge, but more often than not it is the decision makers (or at least those people whose opinions matter) who refuse to read.]

    [I’m not saying that it helps people before they ask the question. It merely saves me the trouble of having to type up the explanation yet another time. -Raymond]
  4. Maggie says:

    Reservado must be near the town of Ausfahrt that many have trouble locating on German maps.

  5. David Walker says:

    I hope you figured out what the Reservado trams were up to!  

    It might be interesting to get on one, and see what kind of private event or mystery destination they take you to…

  6. When I first moved to the Netherlands, I was puzzled by the large number of trams and buses going to "Geen Dienst".

  7. scyost says:

    You’ve gotta stop feeding the trolls. It just makes them hungrier.

  8. malduarte says:

    I guess the "Reservado" was meant as a joke, but here goes the explanation: "Reservado" means that the bus, tram or train is not in service because it is moving to its intended route from the depot, or at the end of the service it is moving to the depot.

    Greetings from Lisbon :-) I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay here!

  9. Adrian says:

    Welcome back.  Sorry the trolls bug you so much.  My favorite posts are the ones that are part of a series on real programming.  I discovered OldNewThing during the scroll bar series and have followed it daily ever since.

  10. Miles Archer says:

    The Ausfahrt comment made me laugh. First time in Germany, I had a heck of a time getting of the parking lot following both the Ausfahrt and Ausgang signs.

  11. Daniel Colascione says:

    Thank you, Raymond, for continuing to write these fascinating articles. Please, ignore the Igor Levickis of the world. I read your blog daily despite being a Unix guy, and learn a whole lot.

  12. Eric Wampner says:

    LOL its only boring until *you* need to to do it. Thanks.

  13. Leo Davidson says:

    Tom, Several of Raymond’s posts have certainly helped me, either because I remembered reading them or found them (older ones I had not read yet) via a web search when trying to work things out.

    Of course, you’re more likely to receive a question from someone who look properly than you are to receive a thank-you note from someone who looked and found your pre-made answer. I know that’s the case with some of the FAQs I’ve put on the web. Sometimes I wonder why I waste my time writing them when "nobody reads them," but in reality they do get read by a lot of people and you can never completely reduce the "can’t be bothered to look" crowd.

    (Not to mention those who do look but fail to find through no fault of their own; e.g. different choice of language/keywords.)

  14. Matt Green says:

    Why not disable external trackbacks? I don’t see a point in them. People come to your site to read about you, not follow the discussion.

    I can’t wait until the whole web 2.0 idea that "users generate valuable content" eventually gets seen as ridiculously idealistic. Some users do…others waste everyone else’s time.

  15. Carter says:

    Totally off topic regarding the post, but does it help you if we buy your book used?  I am guessing not which is disappointing, but then again I am a scrooge-esque tightwad.

  16. xorl says:

    Actually I found this DnD tutorial really interesting and I really want to try but I get stuck when trying to compile a COM component. Do I really have to load the entire Visual Studio just to get a couple of missing binaries so I can use the Platform SDK? According to the Mingw32 FAQ, only the MSVC compiler is capable of compiling COM components.

    I’m just trying to write some Win32/64 software that gets things right according to the (partially) written rules/recommendations from msdn and those put forth by raymond and his fellow blogging colleagues.

  17. Larry Hosken says:

    This sounds like one of those contests with no winners, only losers.

  18. Anon says:

    Got to say I agree with some of the other people here. Is it really worth arguing with an unemployed "assembler expert" from a rapidly shrinking country on the fringes of Europe? It’s not like there’s any danger of Microsoft offering him a job anymore, so you’re not likely to run into him in the corridor. Why not just ignore him?

  19. Igor Levicki says:

    Raymond said: "I didn’t respond because I was on vacation."

    But you did answer to my first comment in that post here:


    I coulnd’t have known at which point you stopped checking your blog so I assumed you are either still at home/work or you have Internet access at the place you were staying during your vacation. That is why I posted another comment there, in hope that you will see it.

    Raymond said: "I’m sorry you found the drag and drop series boring."

    Hey, no need to apologize, it is your blog after all.

    Even though that particular drag’n’drop subject was a bit boring to me you could have noticed so far that I usually refrain myself from making such useless comments.

    Truth to be told I included that sentence in my blogment just as an excuse to link to your latest article where I wanted pingback to appear.

    I otherwise enjoy reading your blog as you perhaps noticed by my sometimes hyper-active commenting and (sometimes baseless) arguing.

    I will edit my blogment to include your clarification about censoring/filtering.

    @Scott Yost, Adrian:

    I am not a troll, thank you. You two on the other hand act as if you have the moral right and proper knowledge to judge the others.

    Anon said: "Is it really worth arguing with an unemployed "assembler expert" from a rapidly shrinking country on the fringes of Europe?"

    1. I am not unemployed.
    2. I am an "assembler expert" just without those quotes.

    3. I will ignore the shrinking comment for now.

    4. The country I happen to live in does not determine who I am. Of course, any person with a brain would know that.

    Anon said: "It’s not like there’s any danger of Microsoft offering him a job anymore"

    Has it perhaps crossed your tiny mind that I would never accept such an offer?

    Anon said:  "so you’re not likely to run into him in the corridor. Why not just ignore him?"

    As if I would ever resort to violence to prove my point?

    Why don’t you just crawl back into your corner and continue chewing that plaster?

  20. Jeff says:

    I wonder what has become of this blog nowadays. Is it necessary to publish a blog post which, for the most part, consists of showing up individuals that posted certain comments on this site? Why not just ignore them? I can only speak for myself when I say that I’m not actually not interested in reading how your personal "dispute" with the likes of Igor runs along…who cares if there are people out there who found the D&D series boring? No one is forced to read this blog after all. I can’t deny that I’m under the impression that over time, these comments get to you. Really, just disable comments then.

    Apart from that, I love your blog. You can even use it in Google queries like <hmodule oldnewthing>, <"dc brush" oldnewthing> and get useful information back.

    Und obwohl mir bewusst ist, dass dies dein persoenliches Blog ist, waere ich doch sehr dafuer, kuenftig die oeffentlichen Anprangerungen etwas herunterzufahren – es mag zwar augenscheinlich sehr subtil sein, die Leute fuehelen sich aber dennoch angegriffen (ganz abgesehen davon, dass andere Leser in dieselbe Kerbe schlagen und ebenfalls ihre Meinung ueber die Betroffenen kundtun).

  21. Igor, I thought you were going away? Not that I don’t mind you, but you have this giant chip on your shoulder. You provide almost no constructive comments, and constantly bash people and things on this blog. This is why people want you to leave. Like Raymond has said, this isn’t a bash Vista blog. This isn’t a bash Microsoft blog, and you continue to do this.

  22. peterchen says:

    I hope you enjoyed Lisboa – it seems the town is very polarizing.

  23. Yeah. Whatever. says:

    My wife and I always joke about the "Nicht Einsteigen"* destination to be found on some trams, buses, and trains in German speaking countries.

    Once, having fallen asleep on the last train, I found myself in a place which must indeed be the aforementioned Nicht Einsteigen – a big yard full of trains. Guess the driver missed me when he went around checking.

    * Basically "do not get on"

  24. Igor Levicki says:

    @Brian LaPierre:

    I was just being polite and replied to Raymond who was addressing me personally.

  25. Nuno Curado says:

    Reservado is commonly used for "Not for public use". Those buses are reserved to a specific group of people and usually only have a pick up point and drop off point, so you wouldn’t be able  to get on. Buses and trams going to the depot usually say "Fora de Serviço" which means "Out of Service".

  26. Vlad says:

    Yep, could’ve sworn Igor announced his departure a while back.

    Still, I mainly read this blog for the soap opera that develops in the comments, so I’m not totally unhappy he’s back (except that he upsets Raymond, which isn’t cool).

  27. kokomo says:


    hear hear! I often compulsively search for Raymond’s responses in the comment sections. Those are some of the best reads in this blog.

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