Coca-Cola for breakfast: It’s not just for computer geeks any more

It's not just orange juice for breakfast any more. Soft drinks are making inroads into the world traditionally dominated by milk, orange juice, coffee, and tea. According to the article, over one in seven people order a soft drink to accompany their breakfast. (Among people who eat at home, the rate is 2.4%.)

If this trend continues, can Doritos for breakfast be far behind?

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  1. Neal says:

    Haha, I’ve had a Dr. Pepper for breakfast at least 49 out of every 50 days for the last 8 years.  You can also include lunch and dinner at about 48 out of evry 50 days over the same time period.  Of course there are Dr. Peppers on the side to that boost me over 3 per day.

    Hmmm, wonder if that’s why my waist has grown?  I blamed it on sitting behind a desk. :)

    Mmmm, Doritos.  I’m sure there was a period of months during college where I had Doritos for breakfast at least 3 days a week.

  2. Rob says:

    Breakfast of champions:

    Doritos in a bowl with Coke?

    I’m partial to Hawkeye’s favorite:

    Rice Krispies & Beer: "snap, crackle, burp"

  3. Tad says:

    This might explain it:

    Mcdonald’s Orange Juice – 21 fl oz cup – 250 Calories, 51 grams sugar.

    Mcdonald’s Coca-Cola® Classic – 21 fl oz cup – 58 grams sugar.

    The orange juice isn’t really as healthy as it might sound. I wonder what percentage of the soft drink sales are diet (0 Calories, 0 sugar)?

  4. Tom says:


    Yes they may have the same calories and sugar, but I don’t think Coca-Cola has any vitamins, and it probably has a lot more sodium.

  5. tsrblke says:

    Coke sees this trend and has even built advertising around it:

    Personally I find the carbonation unappitizing in the morning.

  6. mgroves says:

    I don’t like coffee and I find tea to be lacking in caffeine.  So, yeah, soft drinks make sense to me.  Healthy?  None of the above are–health doesn’t really enter into it for me.

  7. JH says:

    Doritos are made of corn still right? They’re kinda flakey…. corny AND flakey? Hey… let’s call them Corn Flakes! It’ll be the breakfast of a new generation. Hey!! There’s the tag line! I’m in!

  8. mikeb says:

    I’ve never been a fan of traditional breakfast foods, except maybe some sugar-fortified cereals.  

    What I find mildly irritating when I’m on the road is that if it’s so common to be able to get breakfast anytime at restaurants, why can’t I get a burger or a slice of pizza at 8:00 AM?

  9. Aaron says:

    Bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, some pancakes, and… coke.  Yum.

    Then again, I’d guess that the people who have coke are more likely to be eating triple-sugar-coated jelly donuts and a Snickers bar.  I guess it sort of makes sense then.

    The only time I can recall having coke for breakfast was with a large amount of rum, in order to cure a wicked hangover.

  10. eth0 says:

    Mcdonald’s Orange Juice – 21 fl oz cup – 250 Calories, 51 grams sugar.

    Mcdonald’s Coca-Cola® Classic – 21 fl oz cup – 58 grams sugar.

    The orange juice isn’t really as healthy as it might sound.

    Bet they lace the juice heavily with sugar.

    And how many calories does the Coke have?

  11. Phred says:

    Then there’s always Maggie Mays (a bar in Austin, TX) whose slogan for the past 20 years has been "Beer, it’s not just for breakfast any more."

  12. says:

    Sickening. Literally.

    No wonder western nations are turning into nations of fat bastards.

  13. Erbo says:

    I’m told that, at one time, Pepsi even developed a brand of their cola, "Pepsi AM," especially for morning drinkers.  It had more caffeine and fewer bubbles than regular Pepsi.  It’s since been discontinued, though.

  14. eth0, since all Calories in soft drinks normally come from sugar (usually in the form of high-fructose corn syrup), that leaves 58 g sugar * 4 Cal/g of carbohydrate = 232 Calories.

    Yeah, that’s a bit less than the orange juice, but, well, nobody should probably drink 21 oz of anything that isn’t water, and anybody getting this many Calories from beverages probably doesn’t care. :)

  15. Tad says:

    eth0, sorry thought I had posted that. The Coke has 210 Calories. Less than the orange juice, thought it has slightly more sugar.

  16. Brian says:

    Orange Juice is actually worse (at least for children) than soft drinks from a health and weight management perspective. Well soft drinks are evil as well, but juice is the worst drink ever. It contains almost no vitamins, and boatloads of fruit sugar.

  17. Jeff Parker says:

    My sister on her last pregnancy absolutely had to have diet coke first thing in the morning, not just any diet coke but fountain and preferably McDonald’s. If she didn’t have it within a half hour of waking up she would puke and she was mean. That’s when it started anyway.

    My nephew who she was carrying back then is now 23 years old and my sister still has to have diet coke first thing in the morning. Not specifically fountain but she prefers it and it can wait until later like on the way to work. It is the only time of the day she drinks it, and she only has one a day but she must have it for breakfast otherwise she feels nauseous, weird I know. I do not understand it either.

  18. brain says:

    Coffee and cigarettes, breakfast of champions

  19. Chris says:

    Mountain Dew in the morning here.

    When you want some caffeine and you don’t like coffee or tea, Dew or some other soda really does it.

  20. steveg says:

    Was my mother wrong? ("Don’t drink soft drink, stephen, it will rot the teeth right out of your head"). All this softdrink in the US and they appear to have reasonably low rates of tooth decay. Mum, I need to have words with you. Decades of soft drink abuse lost forever.

  21. Igor Levicki says:

    Coca-Cola for breakfast? Come on… now that’s disgusting!

    I love Coca-Cola, but this is too much even for me.

    No wonder Western people have so much health problems.

  22. Cheong says:

    mgroves: No. Tea is healthy as long as it’s green one.

    I think a cup of green tea in the morning is quite refreshing, but unless your family members also like it, it’d be kind of using it wastefully because the tea pot can make a few cups of tea. :)

  23. Erisian23 says:

    At last – a unified theory of Western health issues!  Some of the posters are this thread are VERY clever to have figured this one out!  Unfortunately our theory doesn’t explain Eastern and Western folks’ propensity to jump from a single data point to sweeping, unsupported conclusions.

    It also doesn’t explain the health problems of Eastern people, but what if…  Maybe if Eastern folk started having Coke for breakfast, they’d stop dying of poor people stuff like AIDS and dysentery and start dying of good people diseases like diabetes and cancer.  Coke could be just the medicine they need!  Does the UN WFP know about this?

  24. jondr says:

    For reference:

    1 gram fat = 9 calories

    1 gram carbohydrates = 4 calories

    1 gram protein = 4 calories

    1 gram alcohol = 7 calories

  25. John Walker says:

    Diet Coke for me in the morning. Gotta be of the diet variety, though. Refreshing.

  26. Bruce says:

    Nacho Doritos are good any time – because of the heroin they put on them.

  27. iceking says:

    When I was in Anchorage… I used to have salmon for breakfast; very good!

  28. Karellen says:

    jondr > Any idea why alcohol has a different number of calories than carbohydrates, given that alcohol is a carbohydrate?

  29. George Jansen says:

    It seems to me from unscientific observation that southerners might’ve tended to drink Coke early in the day more than we in the midwest did.

    As for Maggie Mays, in Colorado one used to see tee shirts that said ‘Coors, the Breakfast of Champions.’

  30. stosb says:

    Nothing like blended leftover bits from the recycle bin, including the bugs in and on there.

    I use a spoon and a knife, but there is no fork.

  31. Jonathan Wilson says:

    Didn’t the Mythbusters do an experiment that showed that Cola does not in fact rot teeth?

  32. screw you says:

    maybe in your stupid USA

  33. TravisL says:


  34. geld lenen says:

    To be honest, I (in Europe) love cola for breakfast at Sunday with a hangover haha. Get some chips… Damn, good way to wake up!

    Unhealthy, but a good start :p

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