Paul Shirley: Basketball player, blogger, and author

Professional basketball player Paul Shirley blogged about his experiences sitting on the bench for the Phoenix Suns back in 2005. I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I don't particularly care much for the sport of basketball. He describes the life of that guy who sits on the bench, he makes observations about BMI of tourists in San Antonio, he sighs with exasperation when people tell him, "Wow, you're tall. Have you considered playing basketball?"

It's an excellent read, and it looks like he's back at it on ESPN's Web site. He even convinced some sucker publisher into cutting him a book deal, resulting in Can I Keep My Jersey? (which allegedly comes out in paperback today), a title which betrays the fact that he has played for eleven professional basketball teams, no thirteen? So many he himself has probably lost track. I sure have.

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  1. Derek says:

    He is truly a good human too.  I met him at a Kansas City, MO rehab center where he was doing some training on his notoriously bad wheels.  Good guy, hard worker, even when nobody was looking.  Hope he can make it back to the NBA someday.

  2. Jim Dodd says:

    "…he sighs with exasperation when people tell him, "Wow, you’re tall. Have you considered playing basketball?"

    One great comeback to this I heard from a very tall comedian was to look down at them and say, "No I haven’t but have you ever considered playing miniature golf?"

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