Your $25 car emergency survival kit

Steve Makofsky found this article on how you can assemble a 10-day survival pack to keep in your car for just $25. Possible Christmas gift idea? Who knows.

Don't forget the duct tape.

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  1. Gabe says:

    He keeps refering to the idea of using this in the winter, yet neglects to mention that after sitting for just a few days in your car it will be frozen solid. Any jugs of water would be large blocks of ice, in the unlikely event that they haven’t burst, that is. And I imagine I would have to fill my trunk with blankets to survive more than a few hours without heat in the winter.

  2. hz says:


    He also shows how to melt or boil water.

    Of course real Professionals use booze. It does not freeze and and also boosts morale! You can also drink certain brands of car anti-freeze if you get desperate enough. The disadvantages of this method can be pretty bad, though. But at least you die happy.

  3. JenK says:

    Gabe –

    Depends on the type of winter!  And probably whether you garage your car or leave it out on the curb :)

    In cold country I’d want to take the kit out with me, or leave it in the passenger compartment – and use a garage.

  4. Jivlain says:

    Those are useful tips for zombie attacks, too.

  5. Nick says:

    Two words: SPAM and Saltines

  6. Igor Levicki says:

    What, repel the zombies by a smell of a bad food?

  7. Puckdropper says:

    Rather than keep gallon containers of water in your trunk, I’d suggest purchasing bottled water and keeping that in your car instead.  We’ve done that for a long time, more for convience than anything.  Sometimes all you need is a drink of water.

    That doesn’t mean it won’t freeze (it does), but you’ve got less water to melt at a time if it does.

  8. GreaseMonkey says:

    Hey, could you please remove the spam pingbacks (car-buying BS, personalised gifts BS)? Because whatever the heck is in them is just BS (you can tell it’s done by some bot; kinda like ContentLink). Anyways…

    What could you do with duct-tape? LOTS. It should be compulsory.

    Oh yeah, if you don’t like canned heat, the other option is an axe, some deoderant, and a whole bunch of matches.

  9. Lisa says:

    "Unless you are stranded in a desert, you can usually find water somewhere, even if it’s from a drainage ditch, creek, lake, or melting snow."

    Lol! What if you’re like me, and you *do* live in the desert? :)

    My trunk has water and a snakebite kit: both desert necessities.

  10. Igor Levicki says:

    Don’t forget the duct tape.

    Is this so you can tape your wife’s mouth shut in order to be able to survive together in confined space for a few days? :)

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