Who would win in a fight between a penguin and a lemur?

One of the world's greatest long-standing debates has now been settled (or perhaps reopened). Kevan Gilbert does the research and determines who would win in a fight between a penguin and a lemur.

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  1. Ifeanyi Echeruo says:

    What discussion of X vs Y would by complete without referencing the WWW Grudge Match


    With such treats as

    Red-Shirted Ensigns vs. Stormtroopers

    Hal vs. WOPR


    Boris Yeltsin vs. Ted Kennedy

  2. Igor Levicki says:

    Heh, now ./ trolls will come in hordes saying that the penguin will pwn the lemur.

  3. Tom says:


    Where the heck do you find this stuff?

  4. Igor Levicki says:

    Isn’t by any chance the next version of a certain popular OS codenamed "Lemur" :)

  5. Igor says:

    But I couldn’t resist because it is also a comparison:


    [How is this in any way on topic? Yet if I delete it, you’ll accuse me of being a bad sport. -Raymond]
  6. Starfish says:

    But I couldn’t resist it because your post and this blog both use words:


    If you want to push an agenda, at least do it in a time and place where it makes sense to debate over.

  7. Igor Levicki says:

    I really won’t complain.

    I often read interesting things on your blog so I just wanted to return a favor — I wanted to give you something interesting to read over the weekend.

  8. Dean Harding says:

    "I wanted to give you something interesting to read over the weekend"

    The appropriate place for you post "interesting things to read" is your own blog.

  9. Name required says:

    So Dean, if one wanted to give someone, say, a christmas present, the best thing to do would be to kep it until they came around and asked for it?

  10. Felix Koehler says:

    Wrong Christmas present analogy, Mister name required.

    Raymond is "selling" interesting stories to us and we "pay" with our time and attention. So trying to divert our attention to something completely unrelated (well, doh… you are making a comparison, doh.. this is a comparison, too, dooh… couldn’t resist) in Raymonds own shop definitely is bad manners (spam).

    Use your own shop (blog) or at least post on topic.


  11. Igor Levicki says:

    @Dean Harding:

    Christmas analogy explains it just fine. No need for me to pull out my analogy gun.

    @Felix Koehler:

    1. Subject of my message was “Slightly offtopic”. That means you could have skipped it if it wasn’t of interest to you, instead of bitching which is just another name for more offtopic.

    2. The only thing Raymond is selling is his book.

    3. If the only thing you are “buying” are Raymond’s posts/stories, why are you reading this comment?

    4. If you are reading the comments in hope that you will find something else interesting enough to kill some more of your obviously very precious time, then you have no right to bitch if you don’t, because I do not “sell” my comments so they don’t have to be as good as Raymond’s posts.

    5. Finally, my comment was meant for Raymond since it wasn’t addressing anyone else in particular, and it was properly marked as offtopic.

    [If you don’t intend your comment to be good, then don’t post it. I expect intelligent, relevant comments. If you want to post a crap comment, then do it somewhere else. If you want to send something to me, then send it to me; don’t post a comment and waste everybody’s time. Here’s a tip: If it’s slightly off topic, then don’t post it. Comments are a collaborative effort that enrich the base article and maintain the overall quality, not an opportunity to post marginal content with the excuse, “Hey, it’s just a comment; nobody expects it to be good.” My blog, my rules. If you don’t like my rules, then go start your own blog. And if people think that that crap comments are acceptable on blogs, then I’ll just turn off comments. -Raymond]
  12. Igor Levicki says:

    Raymond said: “If you want to send something to me, then send it to me”

    Err, I’d like to, but how?

    “you can send email using the Contact page. (Update 25 March 2007: The contact page has been disabled because over 90% of the messages that arrive are spam.)”

    I agree that it was irrelevant to this post but I think you weren’t being fair when you said that my comment was crap.

    The article I linked is insightfull especially for someone who works as a Microsoft developer and is not able to see things he works on from a distance or better yet from a user perspective.

    From your response I would say that you belong exactly to that group and it certainly wouldn’t hurt if your colleagues from other divisions read that article too.

    Now go ahead and be stubborn and don’t read it just because I was the one to post it and because I posted it to the wrong (but the only available) place.

    Btw, the blog is the cheapest way of expressing available to anyone with an opinion and knowledge to back it up is obviously not a prerequisite. I own a website but unfortunately I don’t have much time to keep it up to date.

    Finally, as far as I am concerned, I encourage you to disable comments — they are crap 99% of the time anyway as are some of your posts but you publish them anyway.

    [If you search hard enough on the internet you can find my email address. Then you can send me all the off-topic stuff you like. But if you’re going to post a comment, then it needs to be on topic. (And I can’t delete your other off-topic comments because people already responded to them.) If you can’t be bothered to keep your own web site up to date, at least please don’t inflict your laziness on others. -Raymond]

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