2007 Museum Day, courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine

It's the end of September, which means that once again, it's time for Smithsonian Magazine's annual Museum Day, so search for a participating museum near you and get your free admission card.

One of the participating museums is the Museum of History & Industry, known to locals by its initials, MOHAI. Whenever I go past the museum and see the big MOHAI banners, I think to myself how great it would be if they opened a satellite location in, say, Renton. That museum would be called the Museum of History & Industry, Renton, or MOHAIR for short.

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  1. MikC says:

    I’d prefer Museum Of History And Wild Kids…

  2. nathan_works says:

    Growing up in DC, every time I visit another city with a big museum, I’m appalled that they charge admission. It’s. Just. Not. Right. Sure, when I go to Europe, I expect to pay admission, it’s Europe, how they do things there. Just goes to show you’re a product of your upbringing.

  3. Eric H says:

    Well, of course!  Doesn’t everyone think that?  I know I do …

  4. tsrblke says:

    So the St. Louis Science Center in Missouri is participating.  How nice, considering admission is generally free all the time.  Now it it counted for special exhibits….

  5. Aidan Folkes says:

    Actually, most museums in the UK don’t charge admission (they may charge for special exhibitions). There was a movement to do away with entry fees a couple of years ago, there had to be a special agreement with the tax man to do it.

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