What’s all this stuff hanging from that utility pole?

Brain Hayes, author of Infrastructure: A Field Guide to the Industrial Landscape (another example of the "short: long" book title fad), talks us through all of the wires hanging from what we commonly call a "telephone pole".

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  1. koolkeith13 says:

    Done up in only the way that NPR can.  Excellent find Raymond.

  2. felixk says:

    "Only in the way NPR can?" I must agree. They don’t even know that a "poll" is not the same as a "pole".

    Perhaps the next funding drive — or the next batch of tax money — will pay for a dictionary.



  3. Adrian says:

    Such a book already exists!?  I was planning on writing one.  I’ve been taking photographs of all sorts of unrecognizable infrastructure that hides in plain sight.  Well, I guess I can scratch one project off my list.

  4. Igor says:

    More interesting was making of diamonds in a microwave on youtube.

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