Project Update 3: Voyage to Our Hollow Earth

Alas, the original plan for the trip to the hole in the Arctic Ocean had to be scrapped due to the passing of organizer Steven Currey. But hollow earthers, don't give up hope! U.S. scientist Brooks Agnew has announced his plans to take the place of Mr. Currey, chartering the same ship and taking the same itinerary with the same goal.

We'll check in next year to see what they've found.

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  1. Abdullah says:

    Is this a joke?

  2. N.Velope says:

      There was an episode of the 5th season of Justice League where they go through the hole in the arctic to the hollow area below.  Supergirl’s a lot weaker because she isn’t under a yellow sun.

  3. mcgurk says:

    Sweet!  I can hardly wait until they discover where all our tax money eventually winds up!  I hope they bring some of it back…

  4. David Conrad says:

    Supergirl’s so hot. I bet she looks just like Uma Thurman, in real life. I’d like to date her.

    I’m surprised people haven’t figured out yet that the Earth’s surface is really shaped like the peel of an orange that’s been peeled in one long piece, except twisted back on itself to form a Möbius strip.

  5. John Hensley says:

    They should be careful, I heard the Nazis are still running a UFO base around there.

  6. N. Velope says:

     Sorry, it’s too late to date Supergirl (the animated Justice League one).  She went on a mission to the 31st century fell in love with Braniac 5 and stayed there.  Her evil clone, Galatea, is still around, though.

      If you want a good intro to the Justice League, rent "StarCrossed" (packaged as a single DVD or episode 2×24-2×26), a single story from 3 "22 minute" episode of Justice League.  Supergirl is only an occasional member.  Her big episode is 3×06 – "Fearful Symmetry".

    5×03 – "Chaos at the Earth’s core" – episode in hollow Earth referred to originally.

  7. David Conrad says:

    N. Velope: get help.

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