Store Wars and the Meatrix

Store Wars is a propaganda video for the Organic Trade Association, starring vegetables and bad puns. ("Darth Tater" indeed.) Yes, it's a propaganda video, but at least it's an entertaining propaganda video.

The same company also created The Meatrix, in conjunction with (deep breath now) the Global Resource Action Center for the Environment. The difference is that The Meatrix isn't funny.

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  1. jsm says:

    The meatrix isn’t funny largely because of how true it is.

  2. Hehe, Darth Tater… My cousin’s infant son got one of those for Christmas. Although, my uncle would have preferred it to be Spud Lightyear (he’s a Disney fan).

  3. GregM says:

    I have one of those, and my daughter has the Spud Trooper.

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