News Flash: Not being able to watch Jay Leno is not an emergency

The Mesa (Arizona) Police Department reminds us in a press release that 9-1-1 is for emergencies, and the inability to watch Jay Leno due to a power outage does not qualify as an emergency.

(Noting, because everybody else will, that this is not the same as the unconfirmed of the woman who called 9-1-1 for a cheeseburger emergency.)

Update: First link appears to be dead. A snippet of the article can be found here; search for "Mesa Police".

Update 2: First link repaired thanks to commenter Maurits.

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  1. SM says:

    The link to the Arizona news page seems to be broken.

  2. The police force I work for in the UK released a series of 999 calls a while back to try and educate people in the correct use of 999.

    (999 being the UK emergency number)

  3. cmov says:

    There 2 more 911 storys there called "Police say man calls 911 for ‘hot chick’" and "Oregon woman who used 911 to meet ‘cutest cop’ gets date – in court".

    And check out "Plantation DUI instructor accused of driving drunk, half-naked" on that page. Best advertisement to join the police. Ever.

  4. J says:

    My friend works support for a satellite TV provider and says that there’s a number of people out there who get absolutely psycho when their TV stops working.  He has the stories to back up this assertion.  He still thinks he’s lucky having to deal with only these people though, because his friends in regular cable TV support say that for every 1 crazy person in premium service land, there are 4 that are 10 times more psychotic when their regular cable goes out.

  5. Rick C says:

    Raymond, the Western Cheeseburger is only listed as "unconfirmed" on Snopes because they’re not sure if it was a hoax or not.  The call did actually take place.

  6. JoshCh says:

    This reminds me of when Cary, NC’s monthly newsletter told citizens to call 911 instead of emailing city hall during an emergency.  For them to send out such a stupid notice, I assume at least one poor soul watched their house burn down while waiting for a reply to their urgent email.  I blogged it here:

  7. A friend of mine who worked as an operator for British Telecom took a call on a public holiday from somebody who wanted to know "if the fish & chip shop is open today."

    Stunned by the fatuity of such a question in a city of some 300,000 souls (and at least 65 chip shops), he asked "Which one?"

    "The one by the Post Office", the caller replied.

  8. silkio says:

    Update 3: Added "report" between "unconfirmed" and "of".

  9. James says:

    Nick: this reminds me of a friend’s tale, being called by a woman who had broken down somewhere near here, but had no idea where she was in the town. My friend worked in the *national* call centre for that breakdown service, some 500 miles from where this woman had broken down.

    Upon hearing seagulls in the background of the phonecall, my friend asked something like "OK, can you see Bert’s Fish and Chip Restaurant?"

    "Yes – that’s amazing, did you trace the call somehow, or are you local?"

    (As it happens, the friend in question stays in that particular town every year for a week’s vacation. The motoring version of psychic debugging, I suppose!)

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