There’s something about Christopher Walken

Actor Christopher Walken has such a peculiar speaking style, he's inspired a theater show: All About Walken. The run ends soon, so if you're going to see it, you'll have to act fast.

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  1. Andrew Ho says:

    One of my favorite Onion columns from long ago was "Walken in LA" which was just a huge rant about hot dogs, ostensibly by Chistopher Walken. You can find it in various posts via Google (for some reason it’s not archived on the Onion website or I’d link to it). It’s a hilarious article to imagine being spoken in Christopher Walken’s diction.

  2. Neal C says:

    I still maintain that Walken should have been cast as Willy Wonka in the recent re-make of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  He’s the perfect mix of creepy and weird.

  3. Rick C says:

    Steve H. Graham, author of a book making fun of Nigerian scammers, does some hilarious writing as Christopher Walken at

  4. J says:

    Hmm, this post needs more cowbell.

  5. Gwyn says:

    Christopher Walken’s greatest performance, as everyone knows was as "Crazy Dancing Man" in Fat Boy Slim’s seminal work "Weapon of Choice".

  6. Brett Romero says:

    I’ve expanded on your posts to show its relation to customer loyalty :)

  7. Mark says:

    That’s great Gwyn. I never saw that video.

    Walken cracks me up.

  8. Nikita Zeemin says:

    Raymond, sorry for offtopic – your Suggestion Box is closed for comments now.

    Please, answer the question about Rich Text Format (RTF):

    Why RTF notation is so similar to Knuth’s TeX notation?

    [RTF predates me. -Raymond]
  9. AndyB says:

    I always gave him top marks after watching The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Most actors insist on a big part, good dialogue and lots of lines. Walken’s lines comprised of: "grrrrraaaaahhh". Once.

    Kudos to the guy for putting in a performance that matched the character instead of the usual ego-trip.

    He did a skit for (I think0 Saturday Night Live once where he read the fairytale of the 3 little pigs, in his inimitable style, wearing a patterned jumper.

  10. Dean Harding says:

    fairytale of the 3 little pigs, in his inimitable style, wearing a patterned jumper.

    I loved that cameo he did on the Simpsons:

    Christopher Walken (reading to a bunch of kids): Goodnight… room… Goodnight… Moon…. Goodnight… cow… jumping over… the moon.

    [frightened kids slowly try to move away]

    Christopher Walken: Please, children… scootch closer… Don’t make me tell you again… about the scootching… You in the red, chop-chop.

  11. norm911 says:

    Ha haha, this is great.  I’ve been a Christopher Walken fan since ‘Brainstorm’.  Great movie.

    Hey oldnewthing, I’d like to talk to you about a msdn blog post of yours I saw a while back about a SPAM archive you had.  I can’t find your contact info on here anywhere.  Can you please contact me at norm31455, minus the 31455, at laudermilch dot com?  That should throw the spam crawlers for a loop :)



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