More Vista wallpapers from Hamad Darwish

Long Zheng does it again. He follows up his interview with Hamad Darwish with a report on what Hamad has been doing lately, as well as links to high resolution versions of the entire Vista wallpaper photo shoot, including photos that didn't make the final cut.

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  1. dpc says:

    i forgot if this has already been linked, but more wallpaper tracking fun

  2. Ian says:

    Amazing pictures.

    One question that always bothers me with photographs like these though – and I don’t mean this to be critical in any way whatsoever: Are those the actual colours? Or have they been enhanced in post-processing?

    Either way, they are beautiful images.

  3. Ross Bemrose says:

    Unfortunately, the zip file with the high-rest images isn’t linked as a direct download, but as a Corel Distribution Network link.  Corel is, as of right now, tossing 403 Forbidden errors for the zip file because "The hostname specified in the Coralized URL is currently over its hourly quota. Please try back later."

    Which is funny, because this is the first I’ve ever heard of CDN having a limit.

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  5. field says:

    Does anyone know where the default winxp image are from?

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