Linda Hunt’s advice for Oscar-winners

Academy-award winning actress Linda Hunt reminds newer Oscar-winners, "It's not about you."

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  1. Nathan says:

    Is there an additional missing URL other than the IMDB link, or did I just not read the right part of the profile on IMDB ?

    [Oops. I thought I fixed that in time but I guess not. Try again now. -Raymond]
  2. ::Wendy:: says:

    She may be a rare actress that manages to achieve this, her credits are heavily littered with "Narrator" roles.  Given that USA society,  and the Hollywood film industry as a niche,  place value on female looks conforming to a some ideal it’s an impressive achievement that she has made.  I hope her words herald a change in the trend.  I doubt it.

  3. nobugz says:

    This is connected to the "thermo-nuclear device" refresh you gave recently.  You got where you got by following your own path.  Now that you’ve found fame and fortune, is there any reason what-so-ever to waver from that path?  We admire you for who you are, blemishes included.  Blemishes required. Bored?  Climb Mt McKinley, get laid in Acapulco, then say "Yes" when they ask for help.

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