The Old New Thing book will also be available electronically

We interrupt this religious holiday for an important commercial announcement. As a special Christmas present, my new best friends at Addison-Wesley sent me an advance copy of the dead-tree edition of my book. (Obligatory plug: Order it from Amazon. You know I want you to.)

One commenter asked whether my book would be available electronically. On the copyright page of the book (that's the back side of the title page) there is a section titled This Book Is Safari Enabled. You can follow the instructions there to gain access to the online edition of the book for 45 days. I'm told that the electronic edition of the book will also be available in multiple formats including PDF and something called eMobipocket, whatever that is. (The ISBN for the electronic edition is 0321491955.)

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  1. Dusty says:

    SWEET! Merry Christmas!  Already got it on my Safari bookshelf and started reading.

  2. a says:

    Where are the bonus chapters? The safari webpage points at the offical page, but it doesn’t have links to download the Bonus Chapters.

    [Have patient. The book isn’t even out yet. The bonus chapters will become available in time. You can see the bonus chapters on the Safari page. -Raymond]
  3. Josh says:

    Just out of curiosity, who gets the affiliate commission if we buy the book through the Amazon link you gave?

    [It goes to me. (The Amazon commission is higher than the royalty!) -Raymond]
  4. Andy says:

    If I order it through Powell’s:

    do you still get the royalties? I ask because I have a ton of gift cards for Powell’s now after Christmas.

    [Royalties are computed on sales receipts – doesn’t matter who sells it. Eric Gunnerson goes into the math. (The math changes for foreign sales but his article will give you the basic idea.) -Raymond]
  5. Bookworm says:

    Which do you recommend? Physical or electronically?

    [It’s up to you. -Raymond]
  6. Sven Groot says:

    What about MS Reader format? I’m way more likely to read something these days if I can do it on my PocketPC.

  7. GregM says:

    Sven, you can read PDF files on a Pocket PC.

  8. MikeBaz says:

    Mobipocket is a common cross-platform device-locked book reader format: .  As soon as Fictionwise gets your book in Mobipocket format, it’s as good as bought.

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