Wired Magazine’s report on that bizarro Ferarri crash

Say what you want about blogs, there's still room in the world for engaging journalism, such as Randall Sullivan's report on that bizarro Ferarri crash that started out as a spectacular event but turned out merely to be the entry into a much more complex and intriguing world. (via BoingBoing.)

(Recent development: Eriksson turns down a plea deal. Interesting that he spoke through an interpreter.)

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  1. David Walker says:

    Wow.  What a story!

  2. orcmid says:

    What interested me is that the Wired article has a Flash advertisement that obscures part of the text and that I can’t make go away, even after clicking through to the advertisement site. Bahh.

  3. David Walker says:

    Dennis:  That’s one reason I refuse to install Flash.

  4. Jim says:

    Dennis, I’ve got a bookmarklet in the first position on my bookmarks toolbar that gets rid of all of those sorts of annoyances with one click.

    Normally I don’t mind having a few adverts on a web page, after all someone’s got to pay for the web site some how. However I object to anything thta obscures the text, makes a noise or animates excessively, so thefirst position in the bookmarks toolbar (or links toolbar in IE) in the browsers on all my PCs is labelled "KillC**p" and has the "Zap Plugins" bookmarklet from http://www.squarefree.com/bookmarklets/zap.html in it.

    The niceties of an advert blocker in Javascript, so no need to install additional software.

  5. Well, another swede crashed a Koenigsegg CXX yesterday after owning it for 18 hours!

    Newsarticle in swedish: http://www.expressen.se/index.jsp?a=725005

  6. It’s spelled "Ferrari".  The two r’s come first.

    Thanks for the link, Jim.

  7. billmar says:

    Gizmondo was a Windows CE device that Microsoft directly helped with:


    A more detailed history is at:


    Bill Mar


  8. dwave says:

    Wow, sounds almost as weird and bizzare like that SCO-Baystar-Microsoft story.

  9. Tom M says:

    This is agreat story! What I want to know is when the movie is coming out.

    Dennis, I use the FlashBlock extension for firefox, which replaces flash things with an icon which you can then press if you want to run them. Consequently I only saw a transparent box with a small icon in the middle.

  10. Not as happy as a little girl.

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