How did "Start Me Up" become the theme for the Windows 95 launch?

Add this to your trivia pile. Keith Combs links to a pair of articles that that go into the history behind how Start Me Up become the theme for the Windows 95 launch. Part 1, Part 2.

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  1. __monty__ says:

    … And the most appropriate line in the song:

    "You make a grown man cry!" :)

  2. A. Skrobov says:

    There’s also this another look at the story…

  3. Jonathan Wilson says:

    There is actually a parody song of "Start Me Up" by Wierd Al Yankovic called "Windows 95 Sucks" making fun of how windows 95 was expensive and how it required a lot of people to buy new hardware and stuff.

    Having come through from Windows 3.x up through Windows 95, a lot of what the parody song says is actually true (the whole "need a bunch of new hardware" thing for one)

  4. DjLizard says:

    It’s all about the Pentiums, baby.

  5. vince says:

    Just a note… Weird Al didn’t write the Windows 95 song.  Just because someone labels a song that way on a file sharing network doesn’t make it true!

  6. Mike Dunn says:

    Yeah payin’ the bills wit’ my mad programming skillz.

    Defraggin’ my hard drive for thrills.

  7. Judah says:


    Despite the hardward upgrades required, surely you’re glad the general public isn’t still running Win 3.x, eh? :)

  8. "… And the most appropriate line in the song:

    You make a grown man cry!" :) "

    Yep – it came to mind every time the ad played for me, and I expect everyone else who knew the lyrics.  Especially as the ad left the song hanging with that as the very next line.

    This illustrates the dangers of using a song on the basis of one line taken out of context being superficially similar to what you want to say.

    I wonder if the ad campaign planners realised this would happen?

  9. Archangel says:

    I feel quite nostalgic now – I remember being really excited about the ‘new Windows’ and how cool it looked.

    Funny really, given that now I’d rather use Windows 95 over having red-hot needles run into my eyes, but it’d be a close run thing :-)

    I wouldn’t want to bet on Vista having any ads even 1/10 as cool as those ones.

  10. Reuben Harris says:

    Does anyone else remember Bob Rivers’ excellent parody, Bought It Up?

    Have a listen:

  11. JenK says:

    "You make a grown man cry!" :)


    There was a lot of laughing over that line in my section of the bleachers….*


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