[6] days since last monorail breakdown

It's soon going to come to the point where this is no longer news. The Seattle monorail broke down again, just six days since the previous breakdown, which was in turn just two days after operations resumed.

I think they need to put up a big sign at the Monorail station at Seattle Center that reads

6 days since last breakdown.

Well, except that today it would read "2".

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  1. Iain says:

    I saw a couple of these signs at some clients we were picking documents up from.  Theirs had an extra line which covers your rewrite:

    It has been [47] days since last reportable incident.

    Longest time without reportable incident: [257] days.

    So, I’m not sure if they have a policy against unecessary accidents, or simply a policy against reporting them…

  2. Spire says:

    Even more fun: They should display the all-time top ten longest intervals without a breakdown.

    And next to each one, they should post the three-letter initials of the person responsible for the breakdown that ended it.

  3. Mike says:

    Tongue firmly planted in cheek, but wouldn’t that be sort of like:
    int(GetTickeCount() / (86400*1000))
    ? I recall once upon a time being tasked to try to make an Exchange server run without crashing, suking up all memory, or destroying its own data store. Uptime was, by necessity,  on average less than 2 days (before a reboot was required).

    On the other hand, I think I still hold a record of sorts with 285 days (!) uptime on a Windows 2000 (aka NT5) workstation I among other things used to develop software, play games and connect to the internet (obviously through a NATign firewall – anything less would be a bordercase of criminal neglience).

    Obviously also, if I had a bat and a free stroke for every time I encountered a bug, I’d by now beaten MS into oblivion… Wouldn’t surprise me that MS now are again going for “as designed” after calling bugs “issues” and rootkits… whatever PR-spin is put on them-

    [Well that sure didn’t take long. -Raymond]
  4. A Sign To Use Around Here says:

    [4] posts since the last post complaining about a product I haven’t actually ever worked on.

  5. What would the sign read on the day after a breakdown?

  6. Tam Hanna says:


    here are my reliability stats:

    Notebook: 3 days, 15 hibernations and counting bc I have so many Mozilla Tabs open with interesting stuff

    However, enjoy this:

    WristPDA – running for 14 days without softreset

    Tungsten T3 – one month without hardreset

    Maybe its an OS issue =) (*ducks*).

    Best regards

    Tam Hanna

  7. Mark Steward says:

    You could use 0 for the day after too, just to make it sound like you’re taking it seriously.  Customer demand has coerced stations in England to put up dozens of statistics showing how poorly they’re performing – which worked for a while, but now just makes you feel they’re either proud about it or angling for sympathy.

    Alternatively, they could all take the day off.

  8. Cody says:

    [0] days since the latest blog auto-post breakdown?

  9. Tam Hanna says:


    didnt want to flame or piss you off, sorry.

    Basically, a single tasker OS can IMHO always be much more stable than a multitasking one. Memory freeup is easy, etc, all is simple and stable…

    Best regards

    Tam Hanna

    P.s. Windows is cool…at least its WAAAY better than all those desktop unixes(dodges)…

  10. Glass House says:

    Funny an employee at m$ is complaining about breakdowns.

  11. Tam Hanna says:


    I prefer a crash once a week to a system thats a pain in the a$$ all the time while running(Linux).

    Best regards

    Tam Hanna

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