The pornography of food

On the Media picks up on the Harper's Magazine article Debbie Does Salad and chats with Frederick Kaufman, the article's author, on the curious similarity between the way cooking shows and pornographic films present their subject matter. Cooking shows target the 18–35 male, even though these people are unlikely to be cooks themselves. They just tune in to watch.

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  1. Todd says:

    "Nobody would confuse Julia herself with a porn star"

    Ouch. That’ll leave a mark. And I sure didn’t need the visual.

  2. Brian Duffy says:

    I watch FoodTV regularly, and fit the 18-35 male demographic. I’ve often pointed out to people that alot of the shows look like pron. (Based on what others have told me, of course)

    But there are definately some holes in the theory. I doubt the "Barefoot Contessa" lady, whose show is dedicated to pointing out how rich she is, appeals to that demo very much.

  3. Beth says:

    Here’s an interesting blog food porn.  Computer geek/cook who is very good with a camera.  Scroll down a little and check out the Blue Plate Special.  

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