"I attack the kobold wearing the headdress made of human ears"

If you dare, spend eleven minutes of your life watching the most painfully compelling mockumentary on the lives of two basement fantasy role playing gamers. (via Chris Williams.)

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  1. Per Vognsen says:

    Haha, this is brilliant. When he started praying to Oghma at the dinner table, I almost felt off my chair.

  2. gnobal says:

    This Star Wars Nerds bit (Triumph The Insult Dog from Conan O’Brien’s late night show) is also funny, though in a different way :)


  3. Tony says:

    "Thanks for your interest in Google Video.

    Currently, the playback feature of Google Video isn’t available in your country."


  4. hello says:

    Try using google translate on the video page.

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