Beware the MSJ subscription scam

Stephen Toub from MSDN Magazine alerts us to the MSJ subscription scam. Somebody has been sending out (via paper mail) a fake subscription offer for Microsoft Systems Journal, a magazine that ceased publication back in 2000. Read Stephen's article for more details as well as a copy of the scam letter itself. (The address for the "publisher" is a rented mailbox at a what appears to be a UPS Store in the Beaumont Centre mall.) Under no circumstances send these people any money!

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  1. Jiho Han says:

    We could send them monopoly money

  2. Matt Sayler says:

    I was asked about this by my boss last week. As noted above, the letter is worded in a (intentionally) confusing manner that makes it seem like YOU MUST PAY THEM MONEY.

  3. Pepito says:

    How do you know it was intentional?

  4. Yaytay says:

    Shame it isn’t genuine, MSJ was so much better than the poor thing that MSDN Magazine has become.

  5. That one Ian guy says:

    Bringing back MSJ would be awesome. The tagline could be "Your definitive source for writing -native- code for the Windows operating system." It could compete head-on with MSDN Magazine and the sales numbers could be used as a proof for those who misconstrue the market.

  6. Nishant Sivakumar says:

    They can be traced through their postal address. Perhaps Microsoft could sue them on everyone’s behalf?

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