The first rule about knit club…

Knit Club (direct link), a student movie from Western Washington University, wherein each residence hall floor was given less than a week to produce a five-minute movie.

Note: Not be confused with Pillow Fight Club (photos from the one-hour fight). Unfortunately, the original Pillow Fight Club page is gone, but the first rule of Pillow Fight Club was "Tell everyone about Pillow Fight Club".

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  1. Lance Fisher says:

    That’s so great! I love all the knitting stuff you post. Where do you find it all? I always leave comments on my friend’s blog "<a href="">knit ‘n play</a>" (where she never writes about knitting) with links to your knitting knews.

  2. Lance Fisher says:

    Let me fix that link:

  3. The first rule of movie making is "make sure your film has a catch phrase that will be endlessly copied and mimiced." <grin>

  4. Norman Diamond says:

    You’re all wrong. The first rule about knit club is:

    Pick a good one.

  5. Brian says:

    no, that’s the first rule of nit club

  6. Not just catching phrase that will be endlessly copied and mimiced that a film needs be sure that it can relate and touch the audience.

  7. I work for the group on campus that did a lot of the technical work for iMovieFest. Knit Club was one of our favorites, it’s too bad it didn’t do better in the competition.

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