2005 end-of-year link blowout sale

A quick list of links amassed over the past year. Not quite worth a posting on their own, but together they might mean something.

[While Raymond was on vacation, the autopilot stopped working due to a power outage. This entry has been backdated.]

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  1. Simon Cooke says:

    ProFont? Pah :) I use Andale Mono instead – which was designed for programming too :)

  2. Consolas (included in the windows Vista betas) is also pretty good for coding.

  3. Marcel says:

    "Living in America": Entertaining read, thanks.

    "Crashed cars of Kuwait": That reminds me of this http://www.stupidcollege.com/items/Crazy-Arab-Driving

    Notice the police car a minute into the video…

  4. Adam G says:

    I really like ProFont – I’ve used it in my editor for a two years or so now. The readability at small size is amazing.

  5. Starfish says:

    Profont user for two years, ever since it appeared on Joel on Software. Smaller is better!

    (tip: play SkiFree with the number pad, not the mouse, and reduce the keyboard repeat delay. The tricks earn you loads of points.)

  6. memet says:

    I don’t know if I’m the only one, but if there’s anything I approve fully and love about Microsoft, it’s their default font selection. And this goes for the Visual Studio IDE as well.

    Who knows, maybe I’m just too used to it…

    I tried the pro font for about an hour, and then reverted back to the original Courier New.

  7. John Elliott says:

    I stayed with Courier until I found the truetype version of the One True Font, misc-fixed-semicondensed. <http://www.twoevils.org/html/files.html&gt;

    Other people have created bitmap versions of it which can be used in console windows.

  8. Matt says:

    Thanks for the pick up tips Raymond

  9. Norman Diamond says:

    The downloadable files for ProFont look pretty small. They’re even smaller than the BOOTFONT.BIN file that Windows puts in the root directory of C: (along with NTLDR, BOOT.INI, etc.). This arouses suspicion that ProFont would likely only be usable for code that contains no comments or character strings.

  10. Being an old ex-Microsoftee, I have used the old "MSMAIL3.FON" font for more than 10 years. The best programming font in my opinion! This profont is cool thought :-)

  11. Dustin says:

    Oh man, that ProFont makes me feel so leet. And the Windows Principal code is high-larious.

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