The Dead Sea Scrolls are coming to Seattle

Coming to the Pacific Science Center in September 2006 the Dead Sea Scrolls, "considered by many experts to be the most significant archaeological find of the twentieth century". Tickets went on sale yesterday. Volunteer opportunities also available.

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  1. Jeff Prince says:


    Do you know where I can find a list of all the places the exhibition is being held? I see several cities on the Web, but no single list.

  2. :: Wendy :: says:

    Oh crumbs!

    I’d never stopped to think that literally any move-able, inanimate, object (aswell as rock bands) could effectively go on a world tour.

  3. Raymond II says:

    It’s been dissected to death too. :) Sure, you can watch the Dead Sea Scrolls and be all romantic about it, but there’s nothing it can give a rational being, except a story to tell other people. If one wants to study it one could get the annotated translation in English. Now, as for the basis of it all, one can trace history back to its earliest roots and discover that the origin of all religion is a combination of mushrooms, astrotheology and the normal imperialistic quest for power. All change happens in waves throughout history; we are currently experiencing the Era of Intellectual Property, Ownership of Thought, not unlike what the catholic church wanted to control.

  4. Lance Fisher says:

    Raymond II, if you think that Jesus is a combination of mushrooms, astrotheology, and the normal imperialistic quest for power, the short answer is you are wrong.

  5. Jay B says:

    I’d love to see these myself. I’m not really interested in the Religious aspect, so much as age and archaeological significance.

    You see so many movies that use Aramaic as a basis for religious validity. It would be very cool to actually look at the language on an old scroll.

  6. Ziv Caspi says:

    To Jay B: The scrolls are not in Aramaic, but rather in Hebrew. The amazing thing is how little the language and writing have changed in 2000 years; if you have a Hebrew-speaking friend you can ask her to read the scrolls for you.

  7. Jay B says:

    According to the link in Raymond’s post:

    "They are primarily in Hebrew and Aramaic. The discovery of the Scrolls has greatly enhanced our knowledge of these two languages."

    Maybe they’re incorrect. I was going by what I read there.

  8. Tal Rotbart says:

    This might be a good place to mention the Open Scrolls Project, at

    If you read Hebrew and write English, you can help create an open, searchable translation of the scrolls to English.

  9. Matthew says:

    > You see so many movies that use Aramaic as a basis for religious validity.

    I can’t think of any OTTOMH.

  10. Jay B says:

    Wow… I did a google search for "Aramaic in Movies" and I got a link to this cool feature:

    Fallen, Stigmata, Passion of Christ are 3 of the more notable. I have seen others that reference Aramaic, rather than contain verbal Aramiac.

  11. 2nd chance at life says:

    Raymond II, Lance Fisher was as wrong in his description about you as you are of the scrolls. In short, you are actually a brainwashed, head in the sand, half twit. Open your eyes and expand your learning, you moron.

    Napoleon Bonaparte: "History is a set of lies agreed upon."

  12. At Town Hall in Seattle.

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