Experiencing the world from flight level 210

Here are some airline-related web logs that I follow.

  • Fly with Me, a sort-of monthly podcast from a professional airline pilot. A glimpse into the world behind that cockpit door.
  • Flight Attendant Betty, another podcast, this one from your friendly flight attendant. (Though I have to admit, in Episode 2, I skipped over the disaster story and listened just to the stories of the world's stupidest hijackers.)
  • Yu Hu Stewardess, a flight attendant who isn't afraid to talk about all the stupid passengers she has to put up with (Do you recognize yourself?) and talk about what life is like when you spend a significant fraction of your nights away from home.
  • Doing Boeing, the web log of a Boeing database administrator. From the original technology company in the Seattle area.
  • The 777 Flight Test Journal. I had been looking for something to replace Randy Baseler's blog in my Boeing blogroll because Randy's was just all marketing hot air. The Flight Test Journal still feels a bit too heavily-managed, but it's a big improvement.

Ry Jones recommends FlightAware, a web site for all your planespotting needs.

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  1. rich says:

    What! You mean you don’t regularly check in to Queen Of Sky (http://www.queenofsky.net)?

  2. James says:

    There’s also Ask the Captain, by Meryl Getline http://www.usatoday.com/travel/columnist/getline/index.htm

  3. Wow… this is amazing! I had no idea that people actually read my blog… I guess I better start writing stuff for it again.

    I hope we don’t run into that little problem that Boeing is notorious for anymore, layoffs. "They" claim they’re taking steps to prevent it, but I’m not sure. We’re on the uphill of a cycle (maybe we’re on top of the cycle right now), but in 5 years, that could be completely different story.

  4. Fly Girl says:

    I’m glad to hear that you’re a regular reader, and want to thank you for sending some of your fans my way.

  5. typoo says:

    "Ask the pilot" at http://www.salon.com is good, too.

  6. As SLF (self-loading freight = PAX = passenger) with PPL (private pilot’s license) pretensions, I find PPrune a good read:



  7. unplug says:

    I like http://flightlevel390.blogspot.com/

    He has quite a enjoyable way of writing, not as many updates as I’d wish though.

  8. DL Byron says:

    Check inFlightHQ and let us know if appeals to you. It’s sponsored by Connexion by Boeing and covers productivity when traveling.


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