The Airline Screening Playset

Here I am sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to begin boarding. What better time to break out the Airline Screening Playset. I love the fact that the gun fits into the suitcase.

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  1. Manip says:

    … Wow… Just shows how messed up the world is today… :-|

  2. BerlinerDoesNotMeanJellyDonut says:

    Wow. Playmobil, the German "educational" action figures of choice.

    It is funny though: said screening set is absent from the German page (where it wouldn’t have surprised me a bit), but available on the US version:;?ProductSKU=3172&CategoryName=Citylife-Flughafen_us&PLS=0

  3. The question is – will having one of these playsets in your luggage cause airport security to drag you to the cavity-search room? After all, it DOES have a (teeny little) gun in there.

  4. Norman Diamond says:

    Who was it that said: Airports would be more interesting if Richard Reid had hidden explosives in his underwear instead of his shoes.

  5. Only you says:

    Only you, Norman, as far as I am aware :-)

  6. Norman Diamond says:

    Unfortunately, although it’s my kind of humour, I didn’t come up with it. I read it. I just don’t remember who wrote it.

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