Hiding from the police? Try knitting a sweater

Well, okay, it didn't work. But it was an interesting technique.

Police Find Hit & Run Suspect Knitting At Curbside

January 29, 2003 (Miami Beach) — Several elderly patients were injured Tuesday afternoon after a car that witnesses say was traveling more than 100 mph slammed into the van in which they were riding.

Police say that while the van's injured passengers and driver were trapped inside the van, the woman who was driving the car that slammed into them was sitting by the roadside knitting.

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  1. James Schend says:

    Is there a single media outlet, professional or amateur, left that doesn’t get their content from Fark.com?

  2. This was on Fark?

    The fact that I might link to something that’s also linked to by Fark is just convergence. I don’t bother reposting Fark links since I figure everybody has seen them by now.

  3. James Schend says:

    I guess to be fair that almost everything’s on Fark anyway. It’s hard to beat a casual network of tens of thousands of newshounds.

  4. Hendrik Kaalboud says:

    Knitting is so relaxing, it’s the perfect antidote to post-collision jitters!

  5. Lance Fisher says:

    How is it that you always find the most interesting knitting news?

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