Välkommen till Saerige?

Ballard is the Scandinavian neighborhood in Seattle, and they ordered some stone slabs for a new seating area in Bergen Place Park. What they didn't expect was that the Swedish stone would read S∀ERIGE. I mean, yeah, those Swedes do strange things with their A's, like put dots and circles over them, but I'm pretty sure they don't turn them upside-down and treat them as V's.

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  1. Richard says:

    Its those damn mathematicians who invert their A’s. (U+2200 FOR ALL)

  2. Tomcat says:

    Du har rätt, vi misshandlar inte V.

    (You are correct, we don’t abuse V.)

  3. Ahsan says:

    The engravers must’ve been stoned.

  4. Chrunt says:

    It means this way up.. Ooooppss!!!

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