Seattle Twenty-Five for $25 November 2005 restaurant list is available

A regular restaurant promotion in the Seattle area is called Twenty-Five for $25 (The "$" is silent). Other cities have their own versions of this. New York's is called Restaurant Week, for example, and Toronto's is called (I am not making this up) Winterlicious.

The common theme is that participating restaurants offer a prix fixe menu for a reduced price. Twenty-Five for $25 offers dinner for $25 or lunch for $12.50. Restaurant Week offers lunch for $20.05 (the price goes up by a penny each year); some restaurants also offer dinner for $30.05. Winterlicious's menus are C$10/$20 for lunch and C$20/$30 for dinner.

If your city offers these promotions, I strongly encourage you to give them a try. It's a great way to eat at a fine restaurant without destroying your wallet. Plus, the portions are much more reasonably-sized.

One thing that I do miss in Seattle is "pre-theater dinners". In London, the restaurants in the theater district have special menus designed to offer you a leisurely dinner while still getting you out in time to catch your show. In Seattle, you're on your own to make sure you get out in time, which can be a challenge when the restaurant doesn't seem to be playing on your team.

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  1. lister says:

    We have Summerlicious as well. Say them both out loud. As words they flow quite well. As words to represent a "festival of restaurants" they seem appropriate to me. Lastly, Twenty-Five for $25 is a rather boring name. We’re certainly guilty of having many a boring names for things here but we got it right with Winterlicious and Summerlicious.

  2. Mat Booth says:

    The last time I saw a show in London we were running late by the time we found a restaurant to eat at. We mentioned this to the waitress when we were seated and she rushed our order through for us and tried her hardest to make us wait as little time as possible. The service was absolutely superb and she made sure we were out with more than enough time to stroll through Covent Garden to the theatre.

    She earned a large tip that day.

  3. john ludwig says:

    Try Kaspar’s near the seattle center for pre-event dinner if your event is at one of the seattle center venues. they are very attuned to event timing and they run a great restaurant.

  4. Eric Swanson says:

    Does anyone know if such a thing exists in Chicago?

  5. Lawrence KC Leung says:

    We have similar events in Vancouver, BC.

    The Dine Out Vancouver

    Taste of Yaletown

    There are so many fine restaurants in the Greater Vancouver area.

  6. Cooney says:

    One of the really cool things about VA is the second run cinemas that have full meal service. You can go to a movie and order dinner during the show. I don’t know if Seattle has any, and I haven’t found any yet.

  7. jeffdav says:

    If you plan on eating anywhere in Seattle allocate at least an hour, an hour and a half to be safe. Nobody seems to be in any sort of a hurry to provide service in this town. It drives me insane. I have started asking for the check as soon as the food comes just to ensure I get out in a reasonable amount of time.

  8. Dare says:

    There was one movie theater in Seattle that had a full meal service, but the food wasn’t good, the service was slow, and it was annoying having the waiters delivering food & taking orders while I was trying to watch the movie. I went to it a while ago, so I don’t happen to remember the name, but I think it closed down.

  9. The Union Square Grill will adjust the timing of your meal if you let them know ahead of time. They’re also open late for after-theater dining if you can hold out that long.

    It’s really useful if you’re seeing something at the 5th Avenue.

    OTOH, if you’re going to anything at Seattle Center, you’re pretty out-of-luck – there’s not that much available in that area.

  10. julian_t says:

    So… I’m going to be visiting Redmond for a few days in late November, and am always looking for somewhere decent to eat that won’t break the bank.

    Any Seattle residents care to recommend their favorites from the ’25’ list? Or, of course, any to avoid :-)

  11. sokuhl says:

    Julian T, I’ve been to all but a few and don’t think there’s a dud on the list. Of coure some may appeal more to your personal tastes than others. Particular favorites for me are Cascadia, Brasa, Restuarant Zoe, and Flying Fish. Follow the restuarant name link and most have their ‘typical’ 25 for $25 menu, so you can pick that way, too. Enjoy!

  12. Kala2K says:

    You should check out Campagne. This is their first time on the 25 for $25 program. We enjoyed the menu during a preview night last weekend and were blown away by the quality of food and service. Bon Appetit!

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