Jensen Harris joins the 7am club

My colleague Jensen Harris from the Office User Interface team has joined the 7am club, posting fascinating glimpes into Office history and the upcoming version of Office code-named "Office 12". And they come out at 7am every weekday.

Then again, maybe he's not real either. Maybe he's some kind of a robot.

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  1. kbiel says:

    "Then again, maybe he’s not real either. Maybe he’s some kind of a robot."

    I’ll bet that you weren’t programmed to say that. It looks like you might need a memory wipe.

  2. Rikard says:

    Yay Strongbad!

  3. Mike Dunn says:

    Dear Raymond,

    How do you type with boxing gloves on?

  4. Rutger says:

    Actually Posting 7 AM your time makes works great for me. I know my working day is almost over when your post shows up (I am from The Netherlands.) Maybe you are secretly living in Europe ?? That would explain your interest in European languages

    Nog een prettige dag

  5. Like tens of thousands of other people, I am an avid and daily reader of my good friend Rob Caron’s VSTS…

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