My history of time is briefer than yours

In 1999, Eric Schulman published A Briefer History of Time, based upon his previous effort to capture the history of the universe in 200 words. The book takes the initial 200-word summary and expands upon each phrase, surreptitiously teaching you some science among the jokes. (You can even watch a video.)

And then this Hawking guy shows up and gives his book the exact same title. What a rip-off.

(I'm told this Hawking guy has a lot of fans. Those who live in the Seattle area might be interested to know that he'll be in town in mid-November.)

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  1. Pffft says:

    Gah, as if this Hawking guy knew anything about science!

  2. JamesW says:

    Yeah, he should stick to gangsta rap – – and quit meddling with the fabric of space and time.

  3. Mike Dunn says:

    I explode like a bomb, no one is spared.

    My power is my mass times the speed of light squared.


  4. Feroze Daud says:

    This reminds me of a limerick I read in the book "One Two Three.. Infinity" by George Gamow.

    There was a young lady named Miss Bright,

    Who could travel faster than light.

    She departed one day, in an einsteinian way,

    And cambe back the previous night.


  5. Although Professor Hawking’s A Briefer

    History of Time is briefer than his A Brief History of Time (176 pages compared to 208 pages), my A Briefer History of Time is briefer still at 171 pages.

  6. Cheong says:

    Seems that article is better renamed "The History of the Universe for human in 200 Words or Less" The lower half words are nothing significant about Universe, just significant words about lifes on Earth. "Life formed on some planet(s)" could be well concluded that on the Universe perspective.

    Perheps adding words like "Human-made satellite construction"(For the first time satellite is not necessarily something that must be formed by the nature) would be more relevent.

  7. Alex says:

    There’s also a cute version of the hawking guy’s version too.

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