Annoying renditions of the songs of Elvis

Jim Nayder of The Annoying Music Show pops by NPR studios every so often—hey, guys, if you changed the locks, this might stop him—whereupon he tortures the general public with musical offenses that should be outlawed by the Geneva Conventions. Most recently, he offered a series of reinterpretations of the works of Elvis Presley. What's really scary is that the songs presented in the segment are among the less awful offerings. For genuine musical pain, check out Love Me Tender [WMV] [Real] as performed by "Sweden's Singin' Sensation" Eilert Pilarm. (Quick tip: "Lyssna" is Swedish for "listen.")

[Raymond is currently away; this message was pre-recorded.]

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  1. lister says:

    Reminds me of Dr. Demento’s "Audio Torture Chamber" hehe.

  2. Chip says:

    Scary. Especially considering I just spent a Saturday night in the company of North Georgia’s premium Elvis impersonator. Of course, he happens to also be the chef of the Lantern Inn. But both the food and the singing were quite good.

  3. kbiel says:

    Two words….

    Dread Zeppelin


  4. L33t R0X0RZZ T34M says:



    WTF M$ kik 4ss3s.


    bill gates eat cum.

  5. Andreas Haeber says:

    Remember the "Date/Time control panel applet is not a calendar" post? Thanks for following up on that one: :)

    I do hope that you access this new program through the taskbar clock.

  6. Benny Olsson says:

    Hey.. Eilert is not be joked with. He used to be a major headline in the local newspapers a few years ago. His music got played at every teenage party you could find and he even showcased his dreadful voice in a few TV commercials.. Oh the happiness when he eventually retired..! :-)

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