Sorry I missed you all this morning

Sorry to all you PDCers who stopped by the Fundamentals Lounge to see me. The scheduling software that the PDC organizers cooked up is, um, "suboptimal" and listed me for Tuesday 11.30a–2.30p instead of 2.30p–5.30p. During the early afternoon shift, I was actually in the Hands-On Lab. But I'll be in the Lounge on Thursday after my talk all afternoon, really.

I will try to be in the Lounge on Wednesday, but I may have to take refuge in the Speaker Prep Room to deal with a major last-minute change to my talk.

Whoa a huge stream of people just flooded in. I'll catch up with you folks later.

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  1. Uh huh? says:

    You can’t fool us. As we all know:

    [Raymond is currently away; this message was pre-recorded.]

  2. Cheong says:

    Nop. This message shown up at 05:29 here, not the time for posting bot.(which post at 19:00 here)

  3. kbiel says:

    Cheong, two words: artificial intelligence.

    It’s apparently learning and adapting. :)

  4. BTX says:

    I liked the "stream of people"…

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