I won’t be signing books but don’t let that stop you

Whereas Eric Carter will be signing his book (co-authored with another Eric) at the PDC. I have no book of my own to sign, but will be happy to sign the Erics' book if you ask me to! You can catch me in the Fundamentals Lounge pretty much the whole time.

There have been some changes to my talk since I wrote about it last time. The lecture style is gone; the material simply didn't support it. It's just going to be a conventional talk against a series of slides. I sort of painted myself into a corner with my title, Five Things Every Win32 Developer Should Know: If you should know it, then it can't be all that advanced can it? As a result, my talk is really more of a high 200's/low 300's type of talk. But maybe just collecting all these factoids in one place makes it worthy of a 400 rating?

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  1. Rex says:


    Would it be possible for you to post your



  2. Universalis says:

    A factoid isn’t (surely?) a miniature fact, but something that Everyone Knows Is A Fact although it’s actually untrue [ie something that behaves culturally as a fact but isn’t one]. There are plenty of those about Windows but somehow I don’t think your talk is going to be about those.

    They would make a nice alternative talk, though: "Five Things Every Win32 Developer Shouldn’t Know"…

  3. PatriotB says:

    I suppose the fact that someone’s talking about Win32 at ALL would take it automatically into the 400 level…

  4. Don Demsak says:

    You should just publish your blog entries in a book, a la Joel On Software! People will buy it.

  5. AndrewSeven says:

    You could just print various blog articles and sign them :D

  6. Hank K says:

    Who can authorize you to realize those?

    More to the fact, who do I have to email to one day be able to see it? :)

  7. Inferis says:

    What’s with the ratings anyway?

  8. Isaac Chen says:

    What does "factoid" mean? (English is not my native tongue)

    I’ve found somewhat contradicting definitions in the dictionaries:

    1. something that is widely accepted as a fact, although it is probably not true

    2. a small piece of interesting information, especially about sth that is not very important

    Thank you.

  9. Norman Diamond says:

    Well since you don’t have a book, just post a digital signature on your blog.

  10. Jack V. says:

    I had the impression that ‘factoid’ originally meant something like ‘like a fact’ or ‘commonly believed to be a fact’ or ‘misleading fact’ (don’t know, Isaac’s post’s probably right), but then came to mean ‘small fact’. Hence the confusion.

  11. Seriously cool talk. Thanks for giving it – lots of humour and information in the same session.

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