If you squint you might be able to make out my name

Late Tuesday night, Jenny Lam, the creative director for this year's PDC, came by our hallway and asked for permission to rummage through our offices for "stuff". They were looking for props to use to decorate a developer's cubicle in a video they were filming for the conference. I was able to loan her a framed letter of appreciation and my pass to the Windows 2000 launch. I used to have a lot more junk in my office, but I went on a cleaning binge during our last office move and the really cool mementos ended up at my house. If you watch the movie and squint you might be able to make out my name on the personalized items, but I wouldn't hold my breath. My stuff will be on screen for probably a quarter of a second, and I'm guessing it won't be big enough to read anything of significance. (Jenny tells me that one of the things in the cubicle is a forgery. See if you can spot it.)

They were able to get much cooler stuff from my neighbor's office. Among other things, he had a chemical model of the caffeine molecule.

Incidentally, Jenny puts my Martha number at two. I've met Jenny, and Jenny was personally interviewed by Martha Stewart. I just think that's so neat, being two steps away from The Martha.

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  1. I still have my Windows 2000 Launch Pass as well. I was one of two people there from Microsoft Product Support, and I remember not really being told what was going to happen…when they announced the "Windows 2000 Development Team" and turned the spotlight on the big group of uniformed MS employees, I looked around with a "What? Who? Me?!" look.

    Probably the only time in my life I will be lumped into the same group as Raymond. Oh well.

  2. KC Lemson says:

    It’s not just neat, it’s A Good Thing. After all, how many people who aren’t even ‘real’ get to have a Martha number of two?

  3. Daniel Vapid says:

    And to think that Martha’s friends from prison have a Martha number of one!

  4. JD says:

    Surprised you really want to be more closely associated to Martha. I guess you do like knitting so there’s some kind of bonus for you there.

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