A simple story in pictures

Professionals at work is the title of this series of unattributed pictures. (Via memepool Nov 26, 2004.) I think they speak for themselves.

(I apologize in advance for the lowbrow advertisements on the page.)

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  1. moff says:

    I don’t know if the story below is true, but IMHO it’s even more fun:


  2. svott says:

    There’s a little more information on Snopes about this incident, if you’d like more than the 1000 words from each picture:


    They "appear to be genuine photographs of an incident that reportedly took place in Ireland at Roundstone Pier, Conemmara, Galway, around September 2004."

  3. Scott C says:

    According to Snopes, the towboat story is also true:


  4. Paul H says:

    Unless I’m missing something here, there are meant to be a couple more pictures of the green crane not being strong enough to lift the first crane out, and they both fall in the water.

  5. Big Stew says:

    Paul H, the picture you refer to is a poor fake.

    The green crane didn’t fall into the water.

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