Perhaps this is what airport security is worried about

As if there aren't enough things in the world to worry about. Now you have to watch out for exploding knitting needles.

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  1. splanky says:

    I was fascinated to read the claim in the article that static electricity- in addition to exploding frantic sewers- also causes travel sickness. A bit of googling seems to show that that’s an urban legend though.

  2. mazur says:

    You *are* an early riser, man! Congrats! :)

  3. Anonymous Traveler says:

    I’ve done a round-the-world trip a few months ago, and I was amazed that at Dallas International airport, after passing all the security checks to get to the international terminal, you could walk into a restaurant, order a steak, and they’ll bring you a steak knife. There are no more security checks from there, since the boarding gate is 20 meters away.

    All for show.

  4. Merle says:

    Steak knives used to be restricted inside the gate area. A bunch of restaurants that had served steaks complained, since they were no longer allowed either knives of any form or metal implements. Floor space in airports is expensive, and they were losing money hand over fist, since they could no longer serve the more expensive dishes.

    <a href="">One case</a> (see paragraph two). <a href="">Another</a&gt; (search for ‘knives’).

    Guess they won their battle.

  5. Merle says:

    Fine, guess I shouldn’t have added tags around those hyperlinks. Just google on [steak "airport security" knives] or similar terms.

  6. Duff says:

    That’s really funny, as one of my brother’s travelling companions joked about posessing sewing needles while on line at the airport, and security arrived within seconds of her saying that!

  7. Alex says:

    what happened probably was due to powders inside expanding due to static heat?

    kinda like the explosions you get in a flour factory..

  8. brad says:

    Why do you hate America?

  9. Norman Diamond says:

    Do not put a laptop in your checked luggage if you’re visiting the US. If security goons find it they’ll break it open, just like they break open anything else that looks like luggage if it’s locked or if they can’t find a zipper on it. If you need to bring files, burn a CD.

  10. return42 says:

    I just went through this stupidity flying down to Orlando for teched. They took my lighter… my 99cent, 2 inch high bic lighter. However, they let me keep half a dozen books of matches. Im not understanding the logic here… am I going to use the lighter for a bomb? Why then are the matches safe?

    I should have known better though, last time I flew I lost my mini swiss army keychain knife ( damn I miss that thing, bloody handy I tell you ). Atleast that argument makes a mediocum of sense ( well did, before steak knives were allowed again… ).

    Really, how long until we have to check our laptops? Really, isnt the battery inside a laptop more potentially dangerous then a pocket knife, or mini bic lighter? Hell, I would imagine any form of electronics would be potentially more dangerous on a plane then the majority of items that are being banned lately.

    *sigh* Got love over-reacting.

  11. Rune Moberg says:

    I would be surprised if they do not crack down on LiIon batteries. Even the small batteries used in cellphones shows signs of impressive forces — now add to that the LiIon battery in your laptop…

    I predict that this will happen the minute someone brings a safer and better battery to the mainstream market. :) (maybe there are already regulations on this, but just not enforced?)

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