Neuroscience in the service of basketball fans

Nick Shulz's Transition Game pointed out Slate's experiment in using neuroscience to distract opposing foul shooters. I thought this worth mentioning now that it seems that the entire country has been swept up in NCAA basketball fever.

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  1. tsrblke says:

    Living in St. Louis, (and attending college here, even if we didn’t even make the NIT) Basketball Fever has certainly swept the city. The Teams are arriving, albiet only the "small" underdogs are here now. A recent report suggested that 40,000+ people will come here this weekend bringing in over $60 million in Revenue. Now all I need to do is manage to scrape a few "cheap" tickets off some college kid whose team just lost. I figure my Dad, youuger brotehr and I are going down to "Hoop City" the day of the game, it can’t hurt to try. ;)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m suprised there aren’t more posts. An entertaining read, thanks.

  3. Phil Scott says:

    I would have posted earlier, but I’ve been too caught up in reading articles about Louisville today. The whole city is basically at a standstill. But that’s a great read. I’ve noticed this myself during games. I’ve seen a few college games where they’ve figured this out.

    That being said, Go cards!

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